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Ars Technica Comdex day 2 verslag

Ars Technica heeft hun verslag van de tweede dag van de Comdex beurs in Las Vegas online gezet. Hier een stukje over de waren die VIA ten toon stelde:

VIA was damned impressive. They have got so much kickass stuff in the hopper, it's hard to know where to start. Well, maybe not so hard... Their Athlon chipset is almost ready to roll, and as you probably know, it's got all the bells and whistles of the modern chipset. And, it looks like there is a serious push for lowering the motherboard prices to help the Athlon take off. We heard talk of sub-$1000 Athlon/MB combos. The next push VIA is making is from PC133 to DDR, but at the moment, their Apollo Pro133A chipset already has an impressive array of manufacturers lined up, including an Abit motherboard that we hadn't heard a word about yet. But the thing that really took me by surprise was their new Cyrix processor. I never thought I'd say this about a Cyrix, but the processor is looking really damn sweet! Taking full advantage of the National Semiconductor patent cross-licensing, they've whipped up a Socket370 chip that threatens to put the Celeron to shame. Full-speed 256K L2 cache, 133MHz FSB, 3DNow support, and, oh yeah, a completely redone FPU. It's called Joshua and should be showing up in a few months, at 466MHz. And get this: no multiplier lock. Mmmm... [break] Ook komen o.a. Matrox, nVidia, Aureal en Be Inc. langs fietsen. Verder kan ik mij helemaal vinden in dit stukje over die zwaar irritante iMac-follow-the-Steve transparant-zuurstok gekleurde case designs waarmee we op dit moment doodgeschoten worden: [/break] One thing that's a shame is that the iMac's translucent rainbow mentality has so captivated everyone's attention that other materials that might look cool in a case, like marble or obsidian or some other classy material, seemed to me to be overlooked. It's almost as if vendors are in a mad rush to "think different," as long as different = iMac. Of course, not all vendors fell prey to this to the same degree. Suntek, for instance, in addition to their candy-colored iMac rip-off cases, showed me some prototypes for some really sassy looking, curvy cases that might go well in a room with ferns and track lighting and fabulous drapes. (Heh, there's a Tony Curtis on DVD joke in here somewhere...)

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18-11-1999 • 04:43

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Bron: Ars Technica

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Mij lijkt een mat-glanzende zwarte tower wel wat. Of helemaal chroom <img src= width=15 height=15>. Want van al die zoete kleurtjes word ik ook een beetje <img src= width=15 height=15>.

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