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i820 moederborden van Microstar en AOpen

Overclockers Workbench heeft wat info gepost over de nieuwe moederborden van Microstar en AOpen gebaseerd op de i820 Camino chipset van Intel. Hieronder de platen van Microstar:

Today Intel officially releases its 820 chipset, the new generation chipset with the support of 133MHz system bus and 4X AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port). To further enhance the overall system performance, it incorporates the next generation memory, RDRAM (Rambus DRAM), which enables the memory throughput up to 1.6GB/s with high speed working frequency of 800MHz, far superior to traditional SDRAM. With above new technology incorporated, the system would result in significant performance enhancement, especially matched with Intel's latest Pentium III processor.

MSI (Micro-Star International, showed its capable R&D ability by releasing the motherboard, MS-6192, synchronously with Intel's 820 chipset. This MS-6192 motherboard, in ATX form factor, incorporates Slot 1 CPU socket with 133MHz front side bus speed. In terms of memory, even though RDRAM is the best match for the 820 chipset, but due to its higher cost of RIMM module, the MS-6192 incorporates 2 DIMM and 2 RIMM sockets to provide consumers the highest flexibility. This allows the consumer to make the best match to his needs in utilizing RDRAM or SDRAM, with the maximum support of up to 1GB system memory. For customers' convenience of expandability, it has 5 PCI sockets and 1 ISA socket (optional).[break]Hieronder de info van AOpen (zie ook deze nieuwsposting):[/break]Leveraging the Intel(R) 820 chipset and sharing key feature designs, both the AX6C and AX6C-L support 100MHz and 133MHz front-side bus, which are specifically designed to maximize the performance of the latest Intel Pentium II, Intel Pentium III and Intel Pentium III "Coppermine" processors. Gamers and other "overclockers" will appreciate the ability to ante up the front-side bus speed of the boards to support a maximum of 160MHz. Further improving performance, the AX6C and AX6C-L support a maximum of 1GB Rambus DRAM with either 3 or 2 RIMM slots.

The boards support PC600, PC700, and PC800 RIMM specifications, which position these boards on the cutting edge of memory technology. Additionally, both boards support 1X, 2X, and 4X AGP graphics. Multimedia features are enhanced with the addition of AC-97 2.1 audio on-board, and a full complement of serial, parallel, USB, game, speaker, mic and line ports provide instant expandability. A unique board design from AOpen further adds to the boards' flexibility and expansion.

The AX6C and AX6C-L include an additional slot -- the Audio/Modem Riser (AMR) -- that provides for future expandability by freeing the boards PCI slots. AOpen currently offers a V.90 56K modem that plugs into the new AMR slot, and plans to launch additional component solutions that take advantage of the AMR design, thus giving system builders and resellers even more options to customize PCs for their customers.


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