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Fujitsu introduceert nieuwe SCSI en ATA drives

Door , 5 reacties, bron: Fujistsu

Ik lees bij Storage Review dat Fujitsu een stel nieuwe SCSI en ATA drives op de markt heeft geplant:

Fujitsu has joined the flurry of new product announcements with its finally-named "Enterprise" series of SCSI drives. The Enterprise 36LP MAK3364LP, in particular, sounds sweet. This 10k rpm unit features 7.3 gigs per platter, a 4.7 ms seek time, and a 4 meg buffer. Also announced was the 7200rpm Enterprise 18LP MAH3182LP. This unit features 9.1 gigs per platter, a 6.8 ms seek time, and a 4 meg buffer.

Finally, the value-oriented MPF3153AT was announced. This 5400rpm ATA-66 drive features 10.2 gigs per platter, a 9.5 ms seek time, and a 512k buffer. [break] Hier wat spul uit de press release: [/break] Fujitsu, one of the world's leading suppliers of hard drives and computer peripherals, today introduced its new family of enterprise hard drives, including five new models designed for optimal performance and product quality in enterprise computing environments. Designed for the most demanding server and workstation applications, the Enterprise 36LP Series, with a 10,000 RPM spindle speed, provides the industry's fastest maximum internal data transfer rate at up to 62.5 Megabytes (MB) per second. The Enterprise 18LP Series, targeted toward the entry-level server market with a 7200 RPM spindle speed, leverages Fujitsu's technology expertise and design efficiency to offer unparalleled value without compromising quality or performance.

"With the introduction of our new enterprise hard drive family, Fujitsu has once again succeeded in raising the bar on hard drive performance and overall product quality," commented Paul Hansen, vice president of storage products, Fujitsu Computer Products of America. "This product introduction reflects Fujitsu's firm commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our enterprise customers by offering a full range of features and functionality."

The Enterprise 36LP Series: Setting a New Standard for

Performance The 10,000 RPM Enterprise 36LP Series consists of three new hard drive models at capacity points of 9.1, 18.2, and 36.4 Gigabytes (GB). In addition to offering the industry's fastest maximum internal data transfer rate of up to 62.5 MB per second, the series is available with fibre channel or Ultra3 SCSI interfaces. As the industry's leading-edge interface technology, Ultra3 SCSI boasts domain validation, cyclical redundancy checking and a 160 MB per second host transfer rate, ideal for performance-oriented computing environments.

Further, because today's high speed computing processes and bandwidth-hungry applications require faster, more efficient access when reading data, Fujitsu has improved the average seek time on the Enterprise 36LP Series drives to 4.7 milliseconds. The new enterprise drives feature a larger multi-segmented buffer, at 4,096 Kilobytes. Enterprise 36LP Series evaluation units will be available for OEM customers starting in the first calendar quarter of 2000, with volumes shipments targeted for the end of the first calendar quarter of 2000.

XV10: Solid Performance and Value

Leveraging Fujitsu's technology expertise, combined with its vertically-integrated manufacturing model, Fujitsu's new XV10 entry-level desktop drives provide solid performance to meet the needs of today's low-cost consumer PC applications, such as Internet browsing, e-mail, and other basic computing functions. Additionally, with an industry-leading transfer rate of up to 37.8 MB/second, access time of 9.5 ms, and a leading desktop areal density of 7.8 Gb/in2, the XV10 family allows high-speed access to large files, such as digital audio or video, movies, animation, Internet caching and other data intensive entertainment and business applications. A 512 KB buffer and non-operating shock tolerance of 250G also enable these drives to offer peak performance and data protection capabilities.

Crucial to the world's top entertainment device manufacturers, Fujitsu's entire XV10 family provides high-capacity storage with excellent acoustic levels made possible by a unique top cover design first introduced on Fujitsu's mainstream desktop series. The top cover design reduces sound levels to as low as 3.4 bels, making the drives ideal for home-entertainment applications.

These one- and two-platter drives contain a number of proven, cost-optimized features, including an innovative motor, actuator arm, and pre-amp design, as well as modular C++ code and a reduced chip count. These design enhancements and new architecture allow Fujitsu to achieve maximum efficiency without compromising functionality. To that end, the new value-oriented XV10 desktop family is an excellent storage solution for low-cost PC and entertainment device manufacturers, offering optimal performance, excellent reliability, low acoustic noise and competitive specifications.

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06-11-1999 • 20:05

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Bron: Fujistsu

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Reacties (5)

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nou geef mij maar die nieuwe 73 gig IBM <img src= width=15 height=15>
Is die IDE of SCSI ?
daz een 10k scsi geval met VEEL per platter. Alleen jammer dat die pas volgend jaar te koop is. De 36 gig variant met evenVEEL per platter (even snel dus) komt wel dit jaar al uit <img src= width=15 height=15>
Ik heb precies 1 keer een Fujitsu schijf gehad. Dat gebeurt me niet nog een keer...
mmm, ik vind het altijd zo zonde dat scsi disks zo ongelooflijk duur moeten kosten,
waarom komt een of andere leverancier neit met een goedkope scsi 20 gb voor 1000 piek ofzO!
die dingen zijn in de productie ect niet zoveel duurder te maken, tis toch jammer, want scsi roelt!

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