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Delta Force 2 review

Bij The Tactical Planet hebben ze review online geplant van Delta Force deeltje 2. Hoewel ik persoonlijk die Voxel technology maar ruk vind is de gameplay van deze game wel erg goed bevonden. Hieronder wat info uit de review:

The gameplay is where DF 2 really shines. Overall fun gameplay, coupled with quasi-realism, makes for an adrenaline-filled (at times), tense gameplay. The missions, you will find, are highly similar to the ones in DF, from hostage rescue, CSAR, convoy destruction, and intelligence, to direct action and VIP protection missions. The campaign mode is also more vowen into a story, but you can also select the quick missions for random missions all over the world.

While the basic gameplay remains the same, Novalogic has added in some new features that make if even more enjoyable. For example, fog and snow make for great atmosphere, but also affect how you play as you have to sneak around, and keep your eyes open for any surprises. Climbing is a new feature as well, and adds a new challenge. The climbing is actually rather tricky, as it is very hard to control, so when assaulting a guard tower for example, you will pop up into the upper part, and will not have enough time to take a look around before you get shot down. I wish that the climbing was made a bit more controllable, rather than just pressing the jump key by a ladder, and soaring up towards the skies. Another really cool feature is the addition of booby traps. There I was, swimming through tall grass and heavy fog in a swamp, when suddenly...I impaled myself on a punji trap. For those of you who don't know what a punji trap is, it's a bunch of sharpened sticks arranged in a hole or as a barrier, so that when someone walks onto it, they stab themselves in multiple parts of their body. I was shocked to see my body squirming on the trap as the enemies ran around me. Totally unexpected, and incredibly cool. And yet another new addition is the ability to fire from stationary weapons emplacements, such as .50 cal heavy machine guns. Really adds to the game! And finally, parachuting. Some missions will start you off in the air, gliding down towards the earth, and your objective. While I found the flight time to be a little too short, it added to the gameplay and the atmosphere. Nothing like soaring miles above the earth and looking down at the rolling hills and valleys, and then spotting your objective nestled in some hiding spot. Breathtaking. Oooh, I can't forget about the new breakable glass, which will let you shoot out windows, and then snipe people inside from a distance. It's also really cool when the glass shatters in front of you from an enemy firing from the inside. Makes you duck for cover in a flash. And also, the ability of bullets to penetrate some structures, most notably the tents. If in doubt, you can now fire a few shots inside the tent, hoping to kill anyone inside. And it works, almost every time I used this tactic, I ended up walking through and empty tent with a dead body or two lying around.

Hier vind je de rest van de review.

Door Tweakers

03-11-1999 • 15:28

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Bron: Tactical Planet

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Delta Force 2 schopt konten !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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jammer genoeg is er geen verschil met df1
Ik kon mij herinneren dat je de demo alleen in 640*480 kon spelen. Is dat nog steeds zo? Dat was namelijk minder.
GEEN VERSCHIL??? nieuwe wapens , hoog gras , nieuwe MP game types , armory , nieuwe kleding , nieuwe missies... etc etc... niks nieuws??? dont think so....

<img src= width=15 height=15>

Alleen jammer dat de AI nog niet helemaal optimaal is.
Wauw, deel 2 van dit totaal zuigende spel. Echt heftige deatchmatch (NOT). Ligt het hele level weer vol met mensen met een Barret .50-er, doe je 1 stapje en krijg je meteen 12 kogels in je kop, wordt je weer gespawned in een huisje loop je naar het raam en schiet je het ventje wat uit het raam staat te kijken in de rug. Deze wordt weer gespawned op een heuveltje ongeveer 3 meter van iemand vandaan die daar ligt te sniperen met (hoe kan het anders) een Barret. Deze wordt weer afgeschoten en wordt achter mij in het huisje weer gespawned en het hele verhaal begint weer opnieuw. Doe mij maar Rainbow Six Rogue Spear of Halflife Counterstrike...(heb je meteen een fatsoenlijke engine)
Deltaforce 2 :r

SPECOPS 2 :7 :)

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