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Unreal Tournament 3.48 Mac demo

Ik zag op 3D Files dat Epic nu ook de 3.48 demo voor de Mac heeft uitgebracht. Hier heb je wat info over deze demo:

Let's cut right to the chase, shall we? Unreal Tournament is a STAND ALONE (e.g. you don't need the first Unreal to play it) game that provides the ultimate in multiplayer excitement whether you're hooked up the Internet or not. Let's repeat: Unreal Tournament kicks just as much butt whether you're playing by (or with, as the case may be) yourself or on the Internet. Unreal Tournament's got it all: a ton of amazing levels, kick-ass new weapons, brain-melting new modes of play (Capture the Flag, Assault Match, Domination Match, Last Man Standing, and of course - Deathmatch!), unbelievably deadly Bots (computer controlled opponents or team mates), and a slew of other features bound to have your happiness glands working overtime!

New in version 348:

  • Networking bandwidth and server CPU use improved
  • A.I. performance improvements and tweaks
  • Replicate all player skins in use to clients when joining to avoid hitch when first see new player
  • Performance improvements and cleanup of HUD, messaging, and console
  • Precache left hand weapon meshes if using left hand.
  • Improved dynamic detail dropping to maintain minframerate
  • store list BSP nodes for decals to greatly improve decal clipping speed
  • sort decals by texture to improve performance
  • increased characters per font page for default font to increase performance
  • Increased performance by use of vertex buffers
  • Optimized for low memory computers
  • Improved bot AI for impact hammer
  • Added variety of playing styles to default practice bots
  • Improved auto adjust bot skills, and skills now remembered from level to level
  • Bots use rocketlauncher locking on more
  • Bots have adjustable strafing ability
  • Game time now unaffected by timedilation
  • Kill tossed weapons faster
  • Improved/louder gib sounds
  • Fixed switch to best weapon twice and then its always pending bug
  • Improved reduced HUD (with just frags, ammo, health, and armor)
  • shows name of weapon switched to if weapon is hidden
  • Fixed player shadows not being deleted on the client
  • Fixed green domination control point color
  • Improved control over what voice messages are played on a client
  • Fixed flashing screenshot in UBrowser during reping
  • Removed "Advanced Options" and integrated into GUI. Still accessible with console command
  • Added Up/Down history to console and IRC chat window
  • Fixed crash in Options | Preferences when a very long key binding was defined
  • If random order is checked, all bot configurations are now shown
  • Fixed friendly fire/force team balance overlap in Assault menu
  • Scrollytext in morpheus no longer shows spectators
  • HUD color preview box area
  • UBrowser right click to copy current server address
  • Added proxy server support for in-browser news, made use HTTPClient use HTTP/1.1
  • MenuCmd console command
  • Demo version not longer goes straight to the menus when started with a URL (eg GameSpy)
  • Force Respawn option
  • Added kickban administrator console command
  • Server passwords now work
  • Added webserver settings to Start Multiplayer Game
  • Listen servers are back in the server list, but show that they are a listen server in Rules
  • WWW remote server admin: friendly fire works correctly
  • Exposed FastTrace() to UnrealScript
  • Added color operations to UnrealScript
  • Fixed occasional problem with view bob going crazy at extremely low frame rates
  • Added DamageMutator attribute to GameInfo class. Points to a linked list of mutators that affect damage taken by pawns.
  • Client-side (simulated) mutators can attach themselves to HUDs and get called in PostRender()
  • Modmaker menu calls Setup()
  • timedemo: no longer counts precaching time
  • ?noframecap is the default if "timedemo 1" is set

Kunnen de Macintosh freaks eindelijk ook genieten van de nieuwe 3.48 features

Je kunt deze demo hier, hier, en hier downloaden. De demo is 51 Megs.

BTW. Er is (nog) geen upgrade patch voor de vorige demo.

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Applul zuigt.
Ja, duh <img src= width=15 height=15>....Tuurlijk zuigt apple, maar ik gun aldegenen die zo'n appel hebben het wel om UT te kunnen spelen, want dat is gewoon VET!

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