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Bron: Site zonder naam

Hehe dit is zware humor: een Linux tooltje waarmee je processen kunt killen, verpakt in een Doom interfeesje:

As I was listening to Anil talk about daemons spawning processes and sysadmins killing them, I thought, "What a great user interface!" Imagine running around with a shotgun blowing away your daemons and processes, never needing to type kill -9 again.

[...] Id Software has generously released the source for Doom, which has been ported to Linux. I downloaded one of the many versions and added a few lines of code that would spawn a new soldier for each process, renice the process when it is wounded, and kill the process when it dies. [break]

Cool . Op deze site kun je 'm downloaden. Ook vind je daar een lijstje met voordelen van Doom als admin tool, zoals: [/break] - The machine load is immediately apparent to the player, who can see how crowded a room is. The player can eyeball many machines from a high vantage point and go down to a room that needs maintenance.

- A new sysadmin can be given less power by providing her with a smaller weapon. A rank beginner may not be given a weapon at all and be forced to attack processes with her bare hands. It would take a foolhardy player to attack a room full of monsters, just as a newbie should not kill a bunch of important processes. A more experienced sysadmin would have time to stop a newbie who is trying to kill the wrong process. The real work could be left to those with the big guns. The truly great sysadmins could have BFGs.

- Really crowded systems would regulate their own load because monsters occasionally kill each other. Once the population in a room goes down, the monsters will stop attacking each other.

- Sysadmins could cooperate or compete. Doom is a natural environment for player-to-player interactions. A team of players can cooperate to take care of a heavily-loaded system, or they can even take out rogue sysadmins who are killing the wrong processes.

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Kijk dit is nu een GUI <img src= width=15 height=15>.
<img src= width=15 height=15> <img src= width=15 height=15> <img src= width=15 height=15> <img src= width=15 height=15> dit os cool
zie zoiets maar eens onder windows te maken hihi
<img src= width=15 height=15> <img src= width=15 height=15> <img src= width=15 height=15> <img src= width=15 height=15> <img src= width=15 height=15>
Kewl... als hackers nu ook dit soort gui´s daan gebruiken... kunnen ze het eens lekker uitvechten met de sysadmins.... <img src= width=15 height=15>
...overigens wel oppassen dat je geen koetjes neerknalt..
'For example, after I took the screenshot of myself being attacked by csh,
csh was shot by friendly fire from behind, possibly by tcsh or xv, and my session was abruptly terminated. '

HAHA <img src= width=15 height=15>
LOL, dit vind ik echt vet <img src= width=15 height=15>)) hahahahahhaa
<img src= width=15 height=15> Wreed... hebben <img src= width=15 height=15>
Dit gaat ergens heen..... <img src= width=15 height=15>
Als mijn C++ iets beter was, zou ik de Task Manager van NT gaan bouwen met deze Doom...
Nee, baas ik ben echt aan het werk <img src= width=15 height=15> DIE DIE DIE! <img src= width=15 height=15>

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