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c't magazine news

c't magazine, the hottest German Hardware magazine, has some interesting tidbids in it's latest issue.

In the German c't Magazine is a one page article about Celeron. It's named "Slot or Socket?". They say, that the Celeron PPGA Socket Processors are one way street, because you could only upgrade to Celeron in the future.

They say that specially the Intel ZX Chipset boards are a no buy, because this one is a FSB 66 MHz chip with no upgrade possibility. They say buy a slot 1 CPU or a Socket 7 board, because K6-3 will work on normal Super-Socket 7 boards.

c't tested a Celeron Pre-sell model without Multiplicator- lock. The Mendocino-Core could go up to Multiplicator 8.0. Their chip worked with a little modification (R6=0 Ohm) stable at 466(with FSB66). This one is slower than a PII 450 because of the FSB. They tell further on, that Celerons would go to FSB100 when PII goes for 133.

In another article they say, that there are many "new" CPU's upcoming. Intel: XEON-Slot2, Pentium Notebook 300MMX, Celeron-Notebook 266 and 300 and the DIXON (366MHz, 256kb cache). All these chips in January. In February Katmai. In the on going year: Coppermine, Tanner, Cascades and faster Celerons, etc.

AMD: They've not yet tested the K6-3/450 but they link to Anand( and retell his results. Another article tells, that there was a "Intel Owner's Club" founded (

They say, that we would know Fan-Clubs manly from soccer and they recommend that at the next public Benchmark-Campionship the Intel Owner Bunnies are meeting the AMD-Sharptooth-Hooligans.(I personly would join the Celeries, although I own a Sharptooth. Hehe hehe, let's get them all !)

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