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ATi releast 32Meg All-in-Wonder 128

ATi heeft een 32Mb versie ge´ntroduceert van de All-in-wonder 128 video accelerator met video-editing features en TV tuner. Hier de press release, geleend van GA-Source:

ATI Technologies today announced that the All-in-Wonder 128 32MB combination TV, video and graphics board is now shipping, bundled with Digital Immersion Software's Merlin VR for interactive 3D content creation. With the 32MB All-in-Wonder 128 and Merlin VR, home and office users can create animations, architectural walk throughs and even interactive web content.

The All-in-Wonder 128 32 MB version is the ideal PC upgrade that turns the PC into an intelligent TV, providing TV tuning, graphics that support all the most popular games, such as Quake III Arena, video capture, closed captioning save-to-file and TV display for large screen viewing.

In addition to allowing users to watch TV through their PCs, its advanced technology also allows for such applications as still and motion video capture and capturing closed caption transcripts. These functions have been combined to produce the TV Magazine feature, where closed captioning transcripts, along with periodic images from the screen can be saved to file to produce a printed, magazine-format version of the television broadcast.

Hot Words feature lets the PC monitor TV for desired programming. The ability to use the closed captioning stream means the All-in-Wonder 128 can monitor TV for desired programs and content. When the content is broadcast and a pre-programmed Hot Word is detected, All-in- Wonder 128 notifies the user the program is on.

An additional feature of the TV tuner features is scheduled viewing, where the PC turns on the TV for designated programming. Channel Surf gives users the ability to use live TV programming as video wall paper. The All-in-Wonder 128 also supports North America's DBXT stereo TV audio with hardware detection and software notification that the channel is in stereo.

All-in-Wonder 128 includes Digital VCR functionality, where a PC can be programmed to record favorite TV shows just like a regular VCR. Digital VCR leverages the ability of modern CPUs to compress video spontaneously, as it's viewed, rendering dedicated hardware for video compression and decompression obsolete. Also, digitized video from camcorders or VHS tape can be affordably saved to today's recordable CDs and recordable DVD-RAM.



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Bron: GA-Source

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