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Tom's i820 chipset review

Door , 0 reacties, bron: Tom's Hardware Guide

Tom de uitverkorene keert terug op aarde met een review van de Intel i820 chipset. Voor de benchmarks vergelijkt Tom drie i820, 440BX en Apollo Pro 133 systemen. De Camino blijkt over het algemeen net iets sneller te zijn, maar echt opgeilend zijn de resultaten niet...

Since our last dealings with the 'Camino' or i820 chipset it is clear that Intel was able to clean up some of their performance. In all of our tests the i820 was able to keep pace with the i440BX based platform, sometimes even outperforming it. A lot of new features and increased bandwidth have been squeezed into this newer chipset. Unfortunately, most of today's software and hardware don't take advantage of it and I dare to ask for the benefit of RDRAM. I guess the answer will be the same marketing-hype we're used listening to for years: "You may not see any advantage yet, but future software will make a difference."

I wonder how long we'll have to wait for that, possibly longer than the short life span of Intel's CPUs and chipsets. So far I'm still waiting to see a decent amount of software that takes advantage of the oh-so-wonderful 'Streaming SIMD Extensions' or even MMX. It could be that as time passes, some of the increased bandwidth will start to show through in the new HUB architecture. As new USB devices become popular, such as USB networking, some of the bandwidth advantages will become apparent. It's about time that the PCI bus got relieved from the I/O-traffic between the chipset's north and south brigde. I also like AGP4x, which I consider the most if not the only meaningful advance of i820.

(thanx Henk-Jan Smit voor de tip)

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05-10-1999 • 14:42

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Bron: Tom's Hardware Guide

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