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SiS releast nieuwe Super Socket 7 chipset

Silicon Integrated Systems, bekend van z'n extreem trage video en core-logic chippies, heeft een nieuwe ge´ntegreerde SS7 chipset gereleased. Onderstaand geblaat komt rechtstreek van SiS:

"By integrating the Ultra-AGPTM technology and advanced 128-bit graphic display interface, SiS540 delivers over AGP 2x performance and up to 2 GB/s memory bandwidth. Furthermore, SiS540 provides powerful slice layer decoding DVD accelerator to improve the DVD playback performance. In addition to providing the standard interface for CRT monitors, SiS540 also provides the Digital Flat Panel Port (DFP) for a standard interface between a personal computer and a digital flat panel monitor. To extend functionality and flexibility, SiS also provides the " Video Bridge" (SiS301) to support the NTSC/PAL Video Output, Digital LCD Monitor and Secondary CRT Monitor, which reduces the external Panel Link transmitter and TV-Out encoder for cost effected solution. SiS540 also adopts Share System Memory Architecture which can flexibly utilize the frame buffer size up to 64MB." [break] Meer bruikbare info trof ik aan bij Ace's Hardware: [/break] So SiS have updated their 540 and 630 pages and the recentness can be seem by all the broken links at the 630 page. To many's dismay and also showing how hard it is to get FSB higher on an old bus protocol, the 133MHz CPU bus is dropped from 540's spec. This most likely means that if 133MHz SS7 is going to happen its not going to any time soon. The upsite being that since the chipset might originally be designed as an 133MHz one maybe some boards can be overclocked easily and/or it will be very easy for SiS to support the feature once AMD feels like it. The huge upside is that this chipset does indeed support 133MHz memory and 2MB of L2 which will cache up to 256MB of memory. VCSDRAM and HSDRAM are also supported for their low latency and relatively cheap price. The chipset is also different than today's solution in that its all on one chip. The North Bridge and South Bridge are combined together with along with video, modem, sound, NIC, and other neat components. SiS also have a cost analysis up so we can get an insight as to how much each component cost the OEMs.

Another downside of the chipset's performance is the UMA architecture which uses main memory as the frame buffer which eats up a lot bandwidth and could be result in costly increased latency for the CPU. This could offset its advantage in having 133MHz memory bus, especially at higher resolution and color depth. The SiS300 based video controler can use as much as 64MB for its frame buffer, and does seem to be faster than all other integrated solution on the market today, eg MVP4, SIS 530, i810e. Also since the video card is integrated SiS can use something even faster than AGP4X in what they called Ultra-AGP which have higher bandwidth/lower latency, just like on chip cache when compared to off chip ones. This advatage however doesn't seem very important today, until maybe video texture is used.

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