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nVidia GeForce 256 Chatlog

Door , 2 reacties, bron: Bjorn3D

Gisteren is er een chat geweest met nVidia, uiteraard over de GeForce 256. Bjorn3D heeft de rauwe chatlog vast gepost, ik hoop dat er nog een beter leesbare 'edited' versie komt. Hieronder is in ieder geval wat info wat ik eruit heb geplukt.

- When will Retial card be on shelves?
- Should be real soon now. There is an unknown amount of delay between leaving our factory, sliding through distributors, and landing on a shelf.

- My Question: Will there be absolutly 100% for sure no "GeForce ULtra Card" ?
- We don't currently have plans for an Ultra Chip per se. You guys are reading the INF's from the win2K drivers that were worked on 5 months ago.

- Will using DDR make a big difference in performance? Fillrate?
- At 32-bpp, DDR can make a very big difference, especially in high res. But for many apps that might be transform / light limited, it will not make as much of a difference.

- Can you clear up this mess with the different drivers (3.31, 3.34, 3.37) that has been posted about on the net latley?
- None of those drivers have been released. We release drivers for GeForce before it ships to our customers, partners, and ISV's but they have known bugs and are not meant for a public release till they get posted on our website

- So far Embossed BM has got little support, with like only 3DMark and SpeedBusters supporting it I think (correct me if..). Now with competition from Matrox, do you see the Dot Product method being used much? Like can you give a # of games not out yet that you've seen it in?
- The dot product capabilities in GeForce 256 are MUCH, *MUCH* cooler than what the env bump map stuff is that you can do with DX6. I hope that soon we'll have some demos posted on our web site that show off just how cool it is.

- When do you expect the next "big" card will come? GeForce 2 or something else? Cause I'm afraid to buy it, and 4 months later... poof it's worth nothing.
- We have new products every 6 months like clockwork.

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03-10-1999 • 15:18

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Bron: Bjorn3D

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Reacties (2)

Wijzig sortering
dus eind februari 2000 ga je je al kut voelen dat je geen gefarce 4K hebt afgewacht...
snue zeg
nou allemaal elke 6 maanden een GeFarce kopen !
Wist je toch al! De NV15 staat geplant om in Maart ongeveer te verschijnen (GeForce=NV10)....

NV15 zal moeten concurreren met Voodoo 4, Savage2000+ en eventueel de Glaze3D en/of de G600.

Geforce (NV10) zal moeten concurreren met de Savage 2000 en eventueel nog met de G400 MAX

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