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Bron: IGN PC

IGN heeft een preview in elkaar gedraaid van Command and Conquer Renegade. In deze C&C is het de bedoeling dat je in 3D als Commando Nod opruimt. Hieronder heb je vast een gedeelte uit de preview:

Lou describes the game as "C&C up close and personal." Those of you who remember the sixth GDI mission of the first C&C game will remember the Commando unit. He was the ultimate super soldier and could take on a whole Nod army without too much fuss. In Renegade, all the missions are commando missions. What's more, they take place in a beautiful 3D world, that's rendered with all the design elements from the first C&C. Lou says that the idea was "to make a game within the C&C universe but make it an action game" instead of a strategy game.

The guys at Westwood stress that this game isn't just a shooter. It combines action and adventure elements within an "objective based" narrative. The game avoids relying on a linear script, Lou explains. "C&C is about the big strategy and the big plan, not about small levels and certainly not about linearity." The objectives include rescuing Dr. Moebius, blowing up SAM sites and generally spoiling Kane's plans for world domination.

You'll be doing all this as the Commando. Tal's the one who got a chance to actually play the game while at Westwood, so I'll let him fill you in on all the details…"It is safe and lucky play of the recovery, more like trunks than the robber of the grave. I like it. Therefore my name is hot and is my body. I am then for taking the juice." Thanks, Tal, that's great. Go get some juice. What Tal meant to say, was that the game controls a lot more like Tribes than like Tomb Raider. The reliance on third-person perspectives allows you to get a better sense of the scale of the world than would be possible with a first-person viewpoint. You can also get a much better sense of character from the Commando himself. It's really cool watching him run around all those Nod buildings.

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Laatst las ik erover in een PCgamer. Ongeveer 6 kantjes met screenshots... die overigens net zo 'mooi' zijn als de filmpjes in de c&c spellen. Zal mij benieuwen, er staat ook al iets in over de opvolger daar weer van...
Verder ook leuke dingen over The Sims... maar dat terzijde.

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