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Unreal Tournament known issues

Tim Sweeney heeft een paar postings op de Unreal Technology page geplakt, o.a. over problemen met de Unreal Tourney demo:


- You need DirectX7 to use Direct3D. Get it on Microsoft's Download Page.
- Some users of Windows 98 + Sound Blaster live cards + NVidia video cards are finding the demo locks up on exit, sometimes with the music looping. Restarting the computer or killing the TournamentDemo.exe application gets you free.
- In 16-bit color, weapons may interpenetrate walls when you get real close.
- If you have any problems, make sure you have the latest Direct3D drivers for your card.
- I've had a report of very ugly up fonts in the game on a TNT, looking like this. The solution is to go to your D3D options inside the TNT display control panel, and change the value of the "Texel Alignment". A value of 3 apparently fixes it, although you should try other values if you're having similar texture weirdness.

Patch to Upgrade 3dfx Version

- Due to an oversight, the patch does not add the OpenGL or S3 Metal rendering drivers. If you have patched the 3dfx demo and really want to try these drivers, you will need to download the full 55MB demo. You are still best off using Glide for your 3dfx card, or Direct3D for all other cards except S3s.


- Occasionally when the server switches levels, users with high-ping connections may see the "Connecting..." screen appear twice, and reconnect to the server twice.
- When picking up a weapon, sometimes the animations flicker.
- In 3dfx Glide, if you alt-tab away from Unreal while connected to a server, you will time out and be disconnected. If running a listen server, all other clients will time out.
- We have many reports that internet gameplay performance sucks with all games for users with WebTV installed (particularly the version bundled with the Voodoo3 3500). Uninstall it.


- A3D support is back. For A3D support to work properly, you need the latest drivers from Aureal.
- EAX support is back.


- Ping doesn't always align right in the scoreboard.
- Ping doesn't show up in scoreboard if resolution X size is less than 640.

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