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Bron: Gamers Depot

Gamers Depot heeft een review gepost van twee nieuwe Creative soundkaarten, de Mp3+ en de X-Gamer. De kaarten zijn identiek aan elkaar, behalve de software bundles zijn verschillend. Beide kaarten maken overigens ook nog steeds gebruik van de EMU10K1 chip en hebben een digitale uitgang. Hier heb je een hap uit de review.

Using the exact EMU10K1 that the rest of the SB Live! family uses gives you all the EAX lovin' that we've come to expect. This affords these cards to produce sound quality that is right up there with the best of em'. The performance and quality levels on both cards are excellent. The MP3+ card, with its powerful MP3 tools made life easy, as you're given a whole suite of software that will let you do everything from playing MP3's to editing them. Combine this with LAVA!, and you can make your own music videos to your favorite MP3's. In fact, if you're a heavy MP3 user, then look no further than this card. On the other hand, if you're a core gamer, and want nothing but the finest for your gaming pleasure, then the X-Gamer with its great game bundle should be your next pick. One of the best features of these cards is the fact that both have digital out, so if you're running a set of digital speakers like the DTT2500's, then you can do a direct digital connection without having to get the add-on I/O board like you do on the Value edition. This feature, and the included software should make both cards an easy choice over the SB Live! Value edition. If you've been on the fence trying to decide if you should go for a SB Live!, or an Aureal3D-based solution, keep in mind that the EMU10K1 chip on all of the Soundblaster Live! cards is a reprogramable chip. This means that as technologies are brought out, that the chip can be reprogramed to do whatever it is Creative wants to add to it via the "Liveware" updates. This should help give you peace-of-mind when it comes to looking for that next PC-Audio solution.

Like any of the SB Live cards we've heard so far, background hiss and noise is not apparent. Using both the analog and digital outputs to our "GD Reference Surround System" (DTT2500's) the sound quality was clean and clear. The EAX technology does not just limit you to an enhanced gaming expereicnce either. Using various modes included with the software you can make your favorite music source sound like just about any kind of environment you can think of. The Midi output is very acceptable on both cards. I'm not going to get into the Midi output too much because no current game that I know of uses Midi for music.

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