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FIC SD-11 Athlon moederbord review

Penstart Systems heeft een review gepost van de FIC SD-11, een Athlon plankje gebouwd rondom de AMD 751 Northbridge, met 5 PCI slots, 1 ISA slot en 3 DIMM gaten:

All in all I am impressed with this board. It is the first Athlon product that we have seen from FIC, and it definitely won’t be the last. VIA will be releasing the KX133 chipset this November and FIC is planning to release the SD-12 to utilize this advanced chipset. Until then we have the SD-11.

Its stability, relative performance, and ease of use really put it up there. It also worked with 3 different types of memory, with different combinations of each. The use of the AMI bios is somewhat annoying, but it is a very fast BIOS on bootup. The manual is basic and does not explain many of the advanced features in the BIOS, but it does a decent job on identifying everything and giving you a good idea of the capabilities of the board.

When holding this board up against the latest BX based motherboards, it is found sorely lacking. The 120 and 133 Mhz bus speeds were available in the bios, but when either were used (in conjunction with PC 133 memory), the computer would not even boot up. So while those settings are present, they are not useful (or even work for that matter).



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Bron: Penstar Systems

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