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Redhat 5.2 review

Ars Technica heeft een artikel in elkaar gedraaid waarin zij de installatie van RedHat 5.2 bespreken (Linux is vrij lastig te installeren). Hier wat spul uit de intro:

ne of the greatest barriers to Linux's "world domination"--and most objective Linux fans will admit this--is the ease (or, more accurately, the lack thereof) of installation. Basically, the argument goes, if you want Grandma to throw out her Windows or MacOS box (or perhaps, not the box, just its OS), you've got to make Linux installation easy enough that a grandma could do it. While I don't know many grandmas that go around installing their Windows 9x or MacOS, at the very least, an easy installer is a worthy goal. After all, until there are major system manufacturers distributing Linux boxes, the fact is that somebody is going to have to install Grandma's Linux.

Since the person installing Grandma's Linux will probably be Grandson or Granddaughter, the next question to ask is how easy it is for somebody who has more computer experience than Grandma to install Linux. Before Grandma can be converted to Linux, Grandson or Granddaughter needs to be converted. So let's reformulate our question: How easy is it to install Linux when you've got plenty of non-Linux computing experience?

The installer in the Red Hat 5.2 Linux distribution is widely regarded as the best Linux installer out there, so that's the one I'll be going with. First, a bit on my credentials, so you can understand where I'm coming from. I've been messing around with computers since my parents bought the house a PCjr, and I've been supporting Microsoft OS and MacOS machines since 1992. I hated Windows 3.1 when it first came out because I didn't see what it really added over DOS except ugly pictures. I made the switch to Windows 95, however, and I now use Windows NT 4.0 as my primary (read, for everything except games) OS. I've used UNIX, but not for anything more complicated than email, news, file transfer, and a bit of Web page creation and serving. Basically, I know what I'm doing around computers, but *NIX is more or less a new world for me.



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