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Mark Rein heeft geupdate met info over de release van de D3D/OpenGL Unreal Tournament demo:

We're working hard on getting the next version of the demo finished. It will feature support for D3D, OpenGL, Metal, Glide and software rendering. It will include another map but we haven't decided conclusively which map it will be. To use our D3D code will require DirectX Version 7 which Microsoft expects to release on their web site on Wednesday. We'll keep you posted on their progress. We definitely will not ship the demo before Microsoft releases Dx7 for downloading so don't expect the new demo any sooner than Wednesday or more likely Thursday or later. If you see Microsoft release Dx7 and you intend to run UT under D3D please go download and install Dx7.

Please also make sure you have the absolute latest drivers for your video card. You may find your video card vendor issues new drivers around the same time as Dx7 ships.

If you use a 3DFX card you want to use the Glide API and if you use a Savage4 card you want to use Metal. We believe Direct3D is the right API for those running Windows 95 or Windows 98 with the following cards: Nvidia Riva TNT, Nvidia Riva TNT2, Nvidia GeForce256, ATI Rage 128, Matrox G200, Matrox G400, Permedia Create3, and PowerVR 250. Apologies to any vendor we forgot here!

If you're running Windows NT4 and you don't have a Glide-compatible card OpenGL may work for you. We have not had time to work on our OpenGL drivers beyond what shipped in Unreal version 225 but we do expect to improve them before the final version of UT ships.

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KOM OP MAN ... maak es aan met die demo .. IK WIL FRAGGUUHHH!!!
Moet je tegen Bil zeggen...

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