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nVidia GeForce interview

Door , 2 reacties, bron: FullOn3D

Ik lees bij Voodoo Extreme dat FullOn3D een interview met een paar ventjes van nVidia heeft gepost. Inmiddels is het interview om onduidelijke reden echter al weer van de server gehaalt ("Sorry interview with nVIDIA pulled for 24 hours. Check back tomorrow."). Gelukkig hebben Voodoo Extreme en AnandTech quotes uit het interview op hun news pagina's staan, die ik hierbij dan ook maar meteen mee jat :

Fullon3d: So how long has the chip been in development?

Chris: About 18 months, but to be honest with you I donít know exactly. They're done with 'specifying' and 'algorithm stuff' for the part that will ship next year, and I know that we have plans that are 5 years out.

Fullon3d: Is it a new design or just two TNT2s strapped together?

Chris: I think we used that description ourselves to simplify it, but it is actually a completely new design. Some of the technology that weíve used previously and that was working well we obviously populated across, but stuff like the geometry is of course completely new. Generally we try to stick to the old adage Ďif it ainít broke donít fix ití.

Fullon3d: Do you have any comments about your seemingly low texture rate versus your possibly high pixel-rate?

Chris: Well some of the testing that weíve done has shown vary little difference between 16-bit color and 32-bit color up to resolutions of 1024*768. But everyone wants more fill-rate and thatís one of the things that I wish we could do a lot of. I wish we could provide more fill-rate than anyone will ever need, and as time progresses weíre doing so, but again it comes back to balance. We want to deliver a technology that will be compelling, but at the same time not so complicated that we will miss our design window. Thatís a very big challenge and itís one of the things that nVidia has proved it can do successfully, which is why weíve come out with a new product every 12 months or so. We map to OEM schedules, so when an OEM is ready to ship a new card we have a new part for them. [break] En van AnandTech Webnews: [/break] Fullon3d: What are your thoughts on T-buffer technology?

Derek: This is what I donít understand: how many people are actually going to buy stuff like that? I mean weíre selling a product here that everyone wants from the high-end to the low-end. We can deliver great graphics whether youíre a 3D-graphic designer or simply a hard-core gamer playing Q3 all day.

My question to 3dfx is why it will take so many chips to do it? As a card manufacture, if I had the choice between producing a board around a single chip or one around a 3 chip solution, which do you think I would choose?

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21-09-1999 • 02:59

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Bron: FullOn3D

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Wijzig sortering
een T&L chip heeft veel meer zin dan een hardware accumulation buffer (T-buffer). Daarnaast is de AA die 3DF/X bied zwaar klote voor je ogen, omdat het plaatje geblurd wordt wat als resultaat heeft dat je ogen continue aan het focussen zijn, waardoor het scherp LIJKT! maar door dat focussen kunnen je ogen knap moe worden...
Bij 3dfx 3 chips.. lijkt verdacht veel op voodoo2

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