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Nieuw FIC SD11 Athlon overclocking BIOS

FIC heeft een nieuw BOS voor z'n SD11 Athlon plank gebakken, waarmee het mogelijk wordt om busspeeds van 100, 120 en 133MHz te gebruiken. Een AMD Zone lezer heeft het ff uitgeprobeerd, hier z'n ervaringen:

I just downloaded the new SD11 Bios that you posted. I then went to FIC's website and found a copy of AMI's latest flash Utility "flash818". I put it in a folder named "Bios" in the root of C: and then rebooted my machine while hitting "Crtl F5" so no TSR's or anything would load. I ran the flash util and all seemed to go well. It accepted the new program and said all was a success.

So I exited the program and rebooted again while I cringed at the thing hoping it was a legit bios copy. It posted just fine and I immediately noticed that my pc speaker now makes noise while it goes through the memory count. After that It prompted me about a checksum error... no big deal Ive seen that on tons of new Bios's. So I hit F1 and went into the Advanced chipset settings or whatever and there it was, a new selection for FSB!! The settings were 100, 120 and 133MHz which coinsides with what FIC says their new bios will have. I immediately selected the 120 setting then saved it and exited. To my extreme dissapointment the thing would not even post =(. So I cleared my bios via the jumber and tried again but this time with the 133 setting hoping maybe that 120 possibly had a PCI or AGP timing problem.

Again I got nothing... no post or anything but the sound of fans and Harddrives spinning. Once again I cleared the bios and tried some more settings. This time I selected 120MHz FSB and fooled around with the PCI clocks, memory timing. Memory timing shouldnt be much of a factor in my case because I have a stick of PC133 memory with Micron 7.5ns chips. After that I got the same results as before so I went back and restored to the settings that I know would work.

After the bios was working to normal specs I let it boot into Windows which went just fine but It was obvious that something was different because Windows had to make hardware driver additions which were a PCI bus and a parrallel port. (The parallel port cant be counted in this case because I had it previously disabled and forgot to re disable it in this bios.) So far everything appears to be performing normally.

My guess about the overclock problem is that either this CPU (Athlon 500) wont go to 600MHz without a voltage tweak or at all, or maybe the bios still needs some work. I plan on trying 2 other Athlon 500's that I can get my hands on and ill keep you posted on how it goes. Thanx

Matthew [break] Jammer. Nog even wachten dus op de Athlon plankjes met meer busspeed settings tussen 100 en 133MHz.

En nu we het toch over de Athlon hebben: Micron zal geen Athlon systemen gaan bouwen. De reden hierachter (tenminste, wat ze er zelf van zeggen, wie weet hangt Intel hier ergens boven...) is nogal errug lame. Het op een juiste manier spellen van het woord Athlon blijkt trouwens ook al een hele kunst te zijn... [/break] No we do not intend to offer the Athalon because of many important reasons: most of todays software is written for Intel architecture. There is only a noticable difference in high end games. the motherboard selection for the Athalon is almost nil. The top three direct computer manufacturers Dell, Gateway and Micron, are not going with Athalon-- that should say something.

Carl Dufford Hays III
Micron Web Sales

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20-09-1999 • 01:50

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Bron: AMD Zone


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