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Celery Report #2

Russ heeft weer wat info weten te verzamelen omtrend het overklokken van de C300A. The Celery Report #2 is het vervolg op de Celery report van vorige week. Er zitten wat nieuwe dingen in, o.a. testen met verschillende SDRAM reepjes op een BH6 plank:

As most of you probably already know, there are reports everywhere of the finicky nature of the BH6 and it's diet as it relates to RAM. I can verify first hand that these reports are true because, during the course of testing the Celery, I've encountered these problems myself.

A couple of examples: One problem I ran in to was with 128MB modules that are only recognized as 64MB. The RAM worked perfectly stable as a 64MB and was recognized at full capacity on another brand of board. At the time, I didn't think to note the brand and type so, sadly, I don't have that information for you.

Another problem, and this one was reported by a customer, is that when 2 modules of 64MB are run at the same time, the board de-stabilizes. Running either one as a single makes the problem disappear. These modules are on their way to me, so when I have them, I'll report on product and chip number.

I've also found that one BH6 may not like a module, while another works fine with the same stick. This happened with a 64MB module of Micron "Elite" 8T. I placed it on a board for testing and it just layed their and beeped at me. Thinking I had a bad stick, I tried another one; same thing. I tried a third, same thing.



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