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Bron: GameSpot

De nieuwe (balloze) IntelliMouse Explorer is nu verkrijgbaar, dus GameSpot heeft er alvast mee gespeeld. Hier heb je een hap uit de review.

First-person shooters are a different animal. Anyone with serious system horsepower can run FPS titles in excess of 60 frames per second. It's well known that the default PS/2 mouse sampling rate in Windows 98 is 40Hz. This can create an odd stuttering that foils your aim when moving fast through the 3D world. This isn't a big problem when in single-player mode, but if you're playing against human players online, you're dead meat against good players.

Since the Intellimouse Explorer is a USB device, it runs with a higher polling rate. USB mice poll at 120Hz, which is more than enough. I booted up Half-Life and Tribes. Now, I'm only an average FPS player, so I generally get killed a lot, but I was able to hold my own on some servers. What was clear was that the mouse was not the problem.

The bottom line is that the Intellimouse Explorer is a radical new type of mouse that some people will love and others will probably dislike. I personally like it, but it has a few quirks that need to be ironed out before I can give it a wholehearted recommendation for most users. I suggest you give it a spin in a store, if possible. For folks who like the old Microsoft Intellimouse (not the Pro) shape, Microsoft will be using the ball-free technology in a version of the standard mouse as well.

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Reacties (2)

Als je een doodgewone PS/2 muis hebt, kun je ook de sampling rate ervan verstellen, met een tooltje dat je kunt downloaden van <>. Je kunt hem dan op max 200Hz zetten, da's dus nog meer dan die Exploder mouse, en nog gratis ook. ;-)
hmmm toch wel een leuk muiske

maar hij zal wel weer een fortuin kosten

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