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Rally Championship feedback & screenshots

Ik kwam op het High Gear Rally Championship forum een interessante posting tegen van een RC2000 beta tester. Check it:

I've been testing the full version of Rally Championship. Simply put, this is the most amazing car simulator I've ever seen. I had very high expectations for this sim over the past months, and they've easily been exceeded. The promises made by the developer/publisher were definitely kept. IMO, the demo was basically just a sneak peek. The full version is incredible.

They physics are excellent. The cars handle exactly the way I'd expect 280-300bhp fw/4wd cars would in real life. I don't think this sim will need to take a back seat to any other in the physics department. Roaring and sliding through the British countryside over various terrain and through all kinds of weather is an awesome experience.

There is force-feedback, handbrake, split axis, and dual controller support as well as support for the Act Labs RS shifter. I don't have an Act Labs wheel, but I may just have to get one so I can use the shifter with this sim.

Full damage and comprehensive car setup.Trying to drive a very fast stage time, let alone win the full rally in sim mode is going to be a tremendous challenge. While this is definitely a pure sim recreating the BRC, they also smartly include many gaming options with the ability to drive the A8 cars, and also an arcade mode. Modem, serial, IPX, up to 4 player alternate, split screen, and 8 player TCP/IP are the multiplayer options.

Graphics are simply the best ever. Photo-realistic. Believe it or not, they look significantly better in this beta than they do in the demo. Weather and time of day effects are incredible. Rain, snow, fog, overcast, dusk/dawn, nighttime, bright sunshine. Flowing rivers. It's all done perfectly. The interior view of each car is accurate and also photo-realistic. D3D means support for all cards. Even with such amazing effects, frame rates are smooth as silk and scalability is there for people with slower systems. It's actually kind of nice to just drive along slowly and look at the scenery. It's also great fun to rip through a snow stage at night and watch/feel your car create a snow drift as you blast through a turn. You even have to make sure the flashbulbs from photographers don't blind you when you come around a sharp bend. One time during a night stage I crashed near some spectators, and while sitting in the cab upside down, I actually found myself embarrassed as the flashbulbs kept going off all around me. :-)

It's hard to believe they actually recreated 430 miles of rally stages, but they did. Extremely detailed. BTW, after driving these stages, I can only think that the real life rally drivers must be equally crazy, and very talented, to do what they do.

Sound is also amazing and extremely immersive. All of the car's engine sounds were recorded individually and they sound fantastic, as do the other mechanical, impact, surface, ambient, and misc. sounds. I love it when the turbo kicks in. :-) There is DS3D, EAX, A3D2.0 and Dolby support. I'm a big fan of the game music too.

Menus are slick, fast, and easy to navigate with every option you can think of, and detailed descriptions of the cars and tracks are very well done.

I really could sit here and type all night long about how impressive this sim is. It sets new, very high, standards. Like I said at the beginning of this posting, I have never experienced such a fantastic, immersive, and realistic car simulator.


RC2000 gaat dus gewoon wreed goed worden . Om dit nog maar eens extra te benadrukken heeft Magnatic Fields 4 nieuwe screenshots gepost:

Door Femme Taken


15-09-1999 • 15:33

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Bron: High Gear forum

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Wow, sinds lange tijd kan ik wow zeggen bij het zien van een nieuw spel <img src= width=15 height=15> <img src= width=15 height=15> <img src= width=15 height=15> <img src= width=15 height=15>
Slik...Verschil tussen realiteit en in-game is bijna niet te onderscheiden ! Dit speel gaat zeker heersen, zeker met die extra features <img src= width=15 height=15> !!
Hopelijk komen er dit keer geen drollen uit de uitlaat!
*kwijl* Op welke video-chipset zijn die shots gemaakt?
Wanneer komt ie uit??
o sorry : "We're busy finishing Rally Championship ready for release on the 29th of October 1999 "
Heee... Vergelijk dat met die vage pics uit de review van laatst... wat was het ook alweer gp4? zoiets... Dat zoog, die roels!
Als je de 1:1 versies bekijkt dan zie ik Voodoo-achtige dithering, dus ik denk dat ze op een Voodo zijn gemaakt. Maakt op zich ook niet zoveel uit. In werkelijkheid zien de graphics er minder goed uit zonder Photoshop Anti-Aliasing.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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