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Bron: Thresh's FiringSquad

Bij FiringSquad hebben ze een interview gehad met de makers van Grand Theft Auto 2. Dit spel lijkt me erg stoer aan het worden, alleen jammer dat het niet echt voor multiplayer wordt geoptimaliseerd. In de review staan ook een viertal nieuwe screenshots van de game. Hier heb je vast 1 vraag:

[Q] Based on the screenshots, GTA 2 gives you the same overhead perspective that GTA 1 did. How will the gameplay differ? What's new?

[A] While the basic game idea remains the same - a huge teaming city, you a member of the criminal classes, able to make money any way you want, a focus on trying to create police chases and so on - the way it has been executed is vastly different. GTA2 is all about gangs - you are not the only bad boy in town, there's a whole series of gangs carving up the city and it's criminal activities, you now interact with the gangs, earn their respect (by attacking other gangs, and doing jobs successfully for them), and avoid them when they hate you - this adds a whole new element to the gameplay - trying to manage relationships, and keep people happy (while planning their destruction when it suits you!), but everything else has been massively improved - the police are far more aggressive, and get support from the army, the FBI and swat teams in this, allowing for some spectacular firefights. There are loads of new weapons, including Molotov cocktails and oil slicks (along with the electric weapons featured) - this time, we can enough cars on screen and pedestrians moving around, especially on the PC version, to really make the city feel alive and busy, in the right places, and deserted and lonely in other places. Technically, the graphics, although retaining the core perspective (to replicate helicopter chase footage from LA and the UK), are vastly improved, with incredible real time lighting effects, amazing explosions and so on, while the audio is probably the most complex and complete people will have ever experienced in a video or computer game - it really is amazing. The AI is much better this time, with every citizen, criminal, mugger, car jacker (there's a lot about in this city), taxi driver and bus driver all having their own objectives, behaviour and ambitions.

The gameplay was good fun in the first game, but in this one it is literally insane at times, while several of the missions recreate classic scenes from movies, utilising new features to allow for roof top chases, for Mexican stand offs where you and your buddies in one gang attack another (or, if you're clever, you let them attack, while you watch, standing well out of the way), stealth based attacks on compounds, as silenced weapons, hearing and line of sight are now utilised, and articulated lorries, which you can use to smash road blocks...

The game is just far slicker and far more insane than the original.

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