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MSI TNT2 vs TNT2 Model 64 test

Bij de hardware afdeling van Voodoo Extreme hebben ze een vanilla TNT2 tegenover een TNT2 M64 gezet. De laatste is in feite een TNT2, alleen hij heeft maar een 64 bits databus ipv 128. De geteste kaarten zijn overigens allebei van MSI, (dat bedrijf met die gare Athlon borden). Check het artikel hier.

Iím not going to tell you if you should buy a M64 or not. Youíve seen the numbers; it depends on what you want out of a system. Obviously, if you want cutting edge, you donít want either of these cards - a TNT2 Ultra is the best out there right now, as far as 32bit acceleration goes. If you're willing to wait, the upcoming GeForce256, S3 Savage2000, 3dfxís T-Buffer-sporting part, and (assuming itís for real) the Glaze3D, will all absolutely destroy the numbers crafted by these units. As for these specific cards, the same thing goes. If you want a TNT2, there are others that do it better than the MS-8806. Unfortunately, those that do it better, do it for more money. This is still a TNT2, and it still runs like one, just donít expect Ultra-level performance, Ďcause you wonít be seeing it. I would have liked to see a better cooling solution, as the fan that comes with it has a laughably small heatsink portion, and is not mounted with any form of heat transfer material. MSI's suggested retail price is nothing to get wet about, but I'm sure that its street price will be among the lowest there is - especially for the non-TV-out version. As for the MS-8808 - well, if you decide on a M64, this piece pushes nVidiaís underachieving chip about as hard as it ever will go. The 7ns RAM is very impressive, for 7ns RAM, but had they used 6ns or even 6.5ns memory it would have been even better, and I'm sure that somewhere out there a M64 with faster RAM can be found. Also, in many situations, the 8808's dry-mounted passive cooling might not be adequate - if you don't have air moving around your AGP slot, a heatsink just won't cut it. But, after a quick search on PriceWatch, I can tell you that no other M64 will is as affordable as the MS-8808 - assuming you can get your hands on one. And when you're talking about a M64, price is the most important factor.

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08-09-1999 • 17:42

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Bron: Voodoo Extreme

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