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Bron: AGN3D

Het houdt niet op met Celeron oc info. Jeremy van AGN3D heeft z'n C366 op 550Mhz gekregen. Dat wil aanvankelijk niet lukken maar met wat hulp van moeder natuur is-ie er toch ingeslaagd. Op een extreem coole manier, nl door de computer buiten te zetten (het is nu nogal koud daaro in Ohio).

De bevindingen van Jeremy staan op de nieuwspagina van AGN 3D. Hier wat info:

After the failure with the 400MHz Celeron, I was ready to move on to the 366MHz version of the chip. After setting everything up in the bios, I chose the save and reset and started praying. The computer beeped to let me know that everything was ok, and went through the post and then proceeded to the boot screen. I then chose to start Windows 98, and watched everything start up. Surprisingly everything started without a hitch and I was soon staring at a network logon prompt! Starting to feel as excited as a child on Christmas day, I decided to hold back my joy until I saw how stable the system was. After all, overclocking can work fine for a few minutes until the computer crashes. I decided to run 3Dmark! 99 in demo loop mode for about an hour, to see how reliable this setup was. When I came back I was surprised to see everything was still working, a sure sign of a successful setup.

The snow was starting to come down pretty hard, so I wanted to hurry up and get some benchmarks to hold you over till the final review. Using my Metabyte Wicked 3D Voodoo2 card set to 95MHz, (Single Card) I fired up the computer for a little Quake 2 loving. One thing to remember is the benchmarks are with no tweaks, so I think over 100 frames per second is pretty good :) Here are the results:


Demo 1 103fps

Demo 2 97fps

Crusher 51.5


Demo 1 66.6

Demo 2 65.7

Crusher 40.1


Abit BH6 Motheboard

64MB of Cas2 Ram

Celeron 366/550 5.5X100

Matrox Marvel G200

Metabyte Wicked 3D

Provided we do not get a lot of snow tonight, I will be sticking a TNT card in the computer and doing some extensive benchmarking for my final review tomorrow. I also want to say as soon as I received some better man-made cooling for my system, I am planning on attempting to run it at 550 indoors J

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