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Bron: GA-Source

GA-Source heeft een drietal screenshots van de Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens demo online gezet. Deze demo is door The Whole Experience (WXP) ontwikkeld om de supergeile features van de NVIDIA GeForce 256 te demonstreren:

Development of DMZG started right after E3. Our prototype hardware came soon thereafter, and we began work on the GeForce256 features. NVIDIA even sent several programmers up to our offices in Seattle to help out with optimizations and special GeForce256 features. It has been crazy to say the least: working with early hardware, early drivers, and early APIs is potentially the worst possible development scenario for any developer.

Surprisingly the process went quite smoothly, thanks in large part to the dedication and expertise of both NVIDIA and Microsoft, as well as the whole WXP team. I would like to give special thanks to Brian Harvey, Chris Donahue, and Mike Hara at NVIDIA for supporting this project, and having the vision to bring it to GeForce256 as a showcase of their amazing hardware.

De 1:1 versies van deze tumbnails vind je bij GA-Source. Voor meer info over de WXP demo kun je terecht op

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Reacties (9)

Oh my! Wat een beelden!
Tering! Wanneer komt die kaart uit? Ik bedoel, niet alleen de chip maar dan ook nog een kaart eromheen.

Dit soort spelletjes doen me denken aan sfeervolle spellen zoals the beast op de amiga. Behalve dan 1000x mooier natuurlijk.
Eén woord: Graan Sirsels
volgens de REGISTER
New multimedia cards are Absolutely Outrageous

Absolute multimedia has launched its 'Outrageous' line of sound and graphics cards
in the UK. The company's offering includes the 3D Sound, 3D Graphics and 3D
Graphics Ultra.

3D sound is based on the Aureal 8830 chip. It offers surround sound and supports
A3D, Digital Dolby Surround and AC3. The package includes Music Match Jukebox
and Real Jukebox, DVD player software from Intervideo and is bundled with Half Life,
HereticII, Descent3 and Thief. RRP is £59.

The graphics cards are based on the nVidia TNT-2 and Ultra chips for the standard
and Ultra versions, in that order. The standard card offers a 128-bit graphics engine
and 32Mb of fast SDRAM, is compatible with TV output and is bundled with 'Software
Choice'. The Ultra version is faster and will be available in 32Mb or 64Mb versions,
supporting 5ns SDRAM memory. RRP is £129 for the standard graphics card or £159
for the shiny version. ®
Hé vergeet niet dat dit 1600x1200 is, dus ik hoop maar dat julie een goede monitor hebben.

Beelden waar ik NU al bij klaar kom!
(bij wijze van spreken <img src= width=15 height=15> )
Dit ziet er echt goed uit. En dan te bedenken dat dat T&L gedoe pas net is begonnen.
Asus heeft al een AGP 6600 die gebaseerd is op de GeForce 256
Hier nog even wat technische gegevens van Asus AGP-V6600

For blazing rich 3D graphics with sharp digital imaging and dazzling video, ASUS is once again at the forefront with the world's first GPU (Graphics Processing Units) graphics cards.
ASUS AGP-V6600 completely exerts the power of nVidia's GeForce 256 GPU by delivering cutting-edge graphics performance and also image fidelity regardless of what CPU (central processing unit) your computer system is using. So, blaze a trial to the new era of the graphics with the ASUS AGP-V6600 2D/3D graphics card.

Realistic 3D Graphics
ASUS' AGP-V6600 is featured with separate engines for transforming, lighting, setup and rendering. It provides a very powerful, highly efficient architecture that delivers 15 million triangles per second. Especially, the integrated Transform and Lighting engine free up CPU bandwidth and allows applications to represent high color quality and texturing special effects at maximum frame rate.

Industry leading 3D and 2D performance
With GeForce256 GPU's QuadPipe rendering architecture, AGP-V6600 is capable of delivering up to 480 million 8-sample fully filtered pixels per second. It also supports AGP 4X with Fast Writes. This enables CPU to send data directly to GPU and avoids a costly data copy to and from valuable main memory bandwidth that graphics processors without Fast Writes must incur. That is, the system performance may get 30% higher than those without Fast Writes. Besides, the 256-bit 2D rendering engine features AGP-V6600 with the industry fastest 2D performance for ultra-fast screen refresh at high resolutions and 32-bit color depths.

Most feature complete for DirectX 7 and OpenGL
AGP-V6600 completely supports DirectX 7 and OpenGL features, such as transform and lighting, cube environment mapping, projective textures, texture compression, and so on.

HDTV/DVD Acceleration
AGP-V6600 also supports HDTV acceleration and HDTV video overlay to enable customers to enjoy DVD playback, HDTV playback, Digital 480p recording, and PC VCR.

Key Benefits

Powered by the World's First Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) - NVIDIATM GeForce256TM
Built-in 32MB Frame Buffer (SDRAM) - Provides more resolutions and color depths
4x4 Engine Integrated Transform and Lighting - Frees up CPU bandwidth
256-bit QuadPipeTM Rendering - Delivers industry's fastest graphics performance
AGP 4X with Fast Write - Maximizes overall system performance
High Quality HDTV Video Acceleration - Delivers the highest video quality
Optimizes for DirectX® 7.0 and OpenGL® Features - Ensures broad application support

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