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Motherboard Monitor 4.10 final

Alex van Kaam heeft de final versie van Motherboard Monitor 4.10 gereleased. Hier heb je de complele lijst met fixes en nieuwe features:

Added: Support for the THMC10
Added: Support for the Winbond W83627HF, the new Super I/O chip of winbond wich has hardware monitoring inside
Added: Support for the Asus AS99127F on the Asus P3B-f boards
Added: Support for the Asus AS99127F on the Asus MEW i810 boards
Added: Support for the Sis5595 (very untested this is)
Added: Support for the ABit BE6
Added: Support for the ABit BP6 (select Abit BP6 in voltage setup section)
Added: Support for the Intel i810 chipset
Added: Support for the Soyo 7IZB+ (select Soyo 7IZB+ in the voltage setup section)
Added: Don Hass (an MBM user) provided some code to reduce the MBM memory usage from 3-4mb to 700k
Added: Support for Win2000 Hibernation (mbm will close before hibernation and start once hibernation is over)
Added: AutoDetect of all sensor chips, user can turn this off on the general tab (in case it don't work :-P )
Added: Multiple e-mail address in the Send To:, please use a ; example:;
Added: Option to include Up/Down log in a warning E-mail
Added: Date & Time will be added to E-mail subject
Added: Compatibility with SoftFSB, both can now run at the same time without messing each other up (so far )
Added: Option to set the max number of entries that there should be in an Interval Log. Once this max number has been reached the oldest entry will be deleted. If you are still using a interval log file created in a build before 4.10 then please delete it on the interval log tab so that a new file (in a new format) can be created.
Added: Option to set the max number of entries that there should be in an Up/Down Log. Once this max number has been reached the oldest entry will be deleted.
Added: You can now set a Core Voltage for each Core port, since Dual CPU boards become more populiair and overclocking them can be done via the SoftMenu many users have diffrent core voltages per CPU. On the Voltage > Setup tab you can set the Voltage per Core. Please note that because of this, your original core voltage setup is gone, so as soon as you start 4.10 please go to the Voltage Tab > Setup and setup the Core Voltages to your personal needs
Added: Japaneese language support
Added: Registry section on the general tab, here you can find the Clear Registry button and the new "Save Registry Settings to file" button which will do just that
Added: Compatibility support for Soft FSB
Added: Small refresh button in the CPU Mhz display, will allow you to update the CPU Mhz (like the popup menu option)
Added: Icons for the popup menu entries
Changed: Francaise and Espanol language files have been renamed without the and in the file name, this caused install errors on the Korian version of windows
Changed: Moved all extra langues into a sub folder
Changed: User can select in the installshield project if he or she want to install the extra languages and/or help file
Changed: Lots of internal changes in the mbm.dll for future compatibility with CPUIdle and to make it easier to add chips
Changed: VU Style meter will now allow values below 0c (32f)
Changed: SMBus code, changed a few more things in this code to make it work a little bit better
Fixed: Up/Down tab/log error when reaching values below 0c (32f) temperatures
Fixed: CPU speed code, Win 9x users will still be using the code from version 4.09 (the fast code) while NT users will use the code from 4.08 (the slower code), this should give NT users the correct CPU speed

Check de MBM homepage voor de download locaties.

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Bron: MBM homepage

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