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Japanners bestormen de MP3 markt

EETimes heeft een artikeltje over een kudde nieuwe MP3 produkten die we uit de richting Japan kunnen verwachten. Er zit best wel interessant spul bij, bijv. een piepklein MP3 spelertje van Sony:

Compactness is one area where the Japanese expect to rise above the crowd. If its prototypes are any indication of its product plans, Sony could come out with a fully contained player the size of a pack of gum that consumers can string around their necks. Toshiba and Matsushita are also leaning toward the small and sleek, according to observers.

But perhaps more important in the long haul, the companies will attempt to link their audio players to other devices, such as a PC or a set-top box, via flash cards. Sony, for example, offers two versions of its popular Vaio PC with Memory Stick slots. Consumers will ostensibly be able to store downloaded music on the card and then transfer it to a portable player. Sony also has been promoting the MagicGate copy-protection scheme within its flash cards as a way to provide players and recorders with encryption and authentication. The company also has copy-protection schemes for hard drives and networks, OpenMG and Super MagicGate, respectively.

Sony has stepped up its marketing campaign to bring in more backers for Memory Stick. Among those that have expressed interest are Aiwa, Casio, Fujitsu, Olympus, Sanyo and Sharp, though their support has not yet translated into product rollouts in all cases. [break]...en in de toekomst kunnen we de MP3'tjes gewoon vanuit een muur naar beneden laden: [/break] Matsushita's Morishita, meanwhile, envisions consumers downloading songs from a set-top box, storing them in an SD card and then listening on a portable player.

Music kiosks, which would let users walk into a convenience store and download a tune, are another possibility. Sanyo, for one, said it will aim toward developing these kiosks, as will Liquid Audio's Japan subsidiary. Liquid Audio plans to introduce its Web page in the next month, allowing Japanese Web surfers to download music. But because the Internet infrastructure in Japan is still immature compared to the United States, the company is also negotiating with Japanese retail outlets to set up kiosks that will use its Secure Portable Player Platform for preventing illegal copying and rewriting. - Additional reporting by Yoshiko Hara.

Erg leuk allemaal. Check EETimes voor het volledige artikel.

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