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Homeworld preview

Over bij Adrenaline Vault is nu een preview te vinden van Homeworld. Dit is dus die 3D stratey game die in de ruimte afspeelt. Veel mensen zijn er erg enthousiast over, en deze preview zeker ook wel. Hier heb je een gedeelte:

There are units upon units to pore over in Homeworld. To describe them would consume the bulk of this preview. Small scout ships, larger and more powerful interceptors, and light and heavy attack corvettes are some of the vessels available early on. They can all be customized according to your level of research. As you develop stronger chassis and more potent weaponry, you begin to build frigates and soon battleships. Your repair corvette can swallow ships into its blue, glowing maw and replenish their shields and tattered hulls; the salvage corvette locks in on drifting flotsam to examine the wreckage for valuables. The battleship, a hulking beast of a capital ship, truly does the classification justice; it is birthed like a daughter whale from the mothership's side, a whole panel moving upward to let it free. Cloaked Fighters, Gravity Well Generators, Missile Destroyers, Mine Layer Corvettes, Sensor Arrays, Attack Bombers, Ion Beam Frigates, Defense Field Frigates, Proximity Sensors, Deep Space Seeker Probes and more are all a part of the war plan. The variety is stupefying.

Just to make you really gawk, Sierra has thrown in a handy little option: If you get tired of the variety of ships in your fleet, switch fleets! A second group, stocked with a similar array of choices but based on a different design philosophy, awaits. Customize their colors. Push and pull them across the screen to gaze at them in motion. But beware! Here is one of the danger zones -- the graphics are so compelling you sometimes ignore the play of the game itself. The designs are Manga inspired, showing that decidedly Japanese sense in the asymmetrical designs, lotus-like vessels and dragonfly fighters. Lighting effects are like something from Akira set to motion -- a truly impressive feat. Blinkers blink. Trails trail. It's a dizzying, electric and truly breathtaking visual experience.

Zie hier ook een screenshot, check deze page voor meer eye-candy.

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27-08-1999 • 12:45

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Bron: The Adrenaline Vault

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Homeworld is gonna rock soooooooo much....

Byebye, TS.

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Tiberian Sun...Say Bye Bye!!!!

Homeworld is HERE!!!!!!!!!

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