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IntelliMouse Explorer review

Door , 26 reacties, bron: Computer Games Online

Computer Games Online heeft een review gebakken van de nieuwe IntelliMouse Explorer. Nou dit is een erg hippe muis, want ipv een bal heeft-ie een radar aan boord die zijn positie bepaald, ofzo
Check de review hier.

The new IntelliMouse is an optical mouse, which is a technology that has been around for a while. Previous optical mice had to be used on a special reflective mouse pad, though, and the Microsoft product requires no pad at all. It doesn't even require a flat surface. The little red "eye" on the bottom takes thousands of really close-in snapshots of the surface you're working on, and compares them to determine mouse movement. You can use the mouse on your desk, a book, your pants leg, your neighbor, etc. And it works perfectly, at a resolution of about 400dpi! There is a catch, of course. You can't use the mouse on a glass table or mirror, or a surface that is incredibly clean, smooth, and reflective on a microscopic level. At least, not without putting a piece of paper on it first. The oversized mouse is very comfortable with a lot of hand contact, and movement is natural and accurate. Also, it will operate on both standard PS/2 mouse parts and as a USB device.

Impress your friends with your cool silver mouse

The IntelliMouse Explorer adds two thumb buttons to the standard "two buttons and wheel button" design of the previous IntelliMouse, which by default function as "back" and "forward" buttons in Windows. They won't register in a game that way, but if you use the included software to set them as another key like "alt" or "ctrl" you can use them in your favorite game. The problem with using it for games, though, is that it perhaps works a bit too well. The eye will see the surface you're working on and move the mouse even when it's ever so slightly raised. So when you move it right, lift it to bring it left and set it down again, and move it right some more, you'll actually get some left movement in the process that you didn't want. With a little practice you can train yourself to lift the mouse a little higher when you move it, but it's likely to annoy you in the middle of a fierce multiplayer game.

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Reacties (26)

Wijzig sortering
Hebbe dus ! Coole jetser zeg.
Hoeveel gaat ie kosten???
Coole muis inderdaad, maar voor games nog niet echt geschikt.
US$75... Denk dat ie voor games best wel te doen is..
Een standaard muis 2/3 knops is perfect GENOEG.
Maar ik wil dus echt never nooit een muis van Microsoft :r.
Femme: hoezo? Als Logitech dat ding had gemaakt zou je 'm zeker wel willen hebben?<img src= width=15 height=15>

Teminator: 2/3 knops mouse genoeg? Ik heb een maand een muis met wieltje en kan daar echt niet meer zonder mee.
Hmm.. ziet er wel mooi uit. Alleen jammer dat al die zogenaamde popi anti-rsi muizen meestal alleen voor rechtshandigen worden gemaakt.
Nou ben ik ook rechtshandig <img src= width=15 height=15> maar m'n muis ligt altijd links.

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