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Bron: Voodoo Extreme

Bij de hardware sectie van Voodoo Extreme is een review geplaatst van de MS-6163 moederbord van Micro-Star. Deze plank met de BX chipset blijkt een goede keus voor overklokkers:

Micro-Star has not only crafted a board that lets you overclock as safely as possible, but one that lets you overclock as powerfully as possible. There is simply no other motherboard that offers the wealth of options that this one does. All via the handy CPU Plug & Play III section in the BIOS setup, you can select one of 26 (!!!!) front-side bus (FSB) speeds, set the core voltage anywhere from a stock 2.0V to a steamy 2.4V, configure automatic thermal protection settings (so, for example, if your CPU hits 125F, itll shut down automatically) and tweak the voltage settings of your BX chipset itself, from 3.3 to 3.6 volts. In addition, the 6163 automatically adjusts the PCI/AGP dividers so that even at a blazing 133MHz FSB, your expansion cards will still run at (or near) their 33/66MHz specs. The highest they ever go is 41/82MHz - still well within operable limits, as far as any of my components were concerned.

But do all of these gimmicks work? They sure seem to. During all of my testing, I was unable to make this motherboard become the bottleneck. First, I pushed my system father than the RAM would go, and once that was remedied, it went as far as the CPU would go. Assuming the rest of your system is up to par, and you have adequate cooling, the 6163 Pro will push any CPU you might try in it, to be the fastest it can possibly be. I never had a crash that was un-traceable to another component. On my old motherboard, my P2-350 would only run stable-ly up to 396MHz (3.5x112MHz); now its running at a beautiful 420MHz - 20% faster than default. And with an engineering sample Pentium III, using underclocked multiplier settings (so as not to make the core run faster than it possibly could), the 6163 Pro would push FSBs all the way to the limits imposed by my EMS PC133 HSDRAM - were talking in the 150MHzs here, kiddies.

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Verdacht weinig reacties, maar de specs. zien er goed uit, en zal zeker de III nog een tijd een interessante processor maken wanneer hij wat verder daalt in prijs.
Ja, dit is een stille outsider denk ik. Vobis gebruikt deze plankies trouwens ook, misschien vandaar?

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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