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Drakan preview

Bij hebben ze een preview online gekwakt van het zeer mooie spel Drakan - Order of the Flame. Waarschijnlijk een van de laatste previews want Drakan is al een tijdje af, en volgende week zal ie verkrijgbaar zijn. Zeker een game om eens naar te kijken!

To dispel any doubts you might be having, Drakan is not Tomb Raiders + Dragons. Indeed, Drakan outshines Tomb Raiders in many aspects. For one, the interface, character actions/movements, and controls to Drakan are so seamless they don't in any way hinder you on your adventure. Let's take Tomb Raiders idiotic inventory control as an example. Rember having to push escape, then left or right arrow to scroll through? In Drakan simply hit 'I', Rynn spins around to face you (very nice touch), and you get an inventory list loosely reminiscent of Diablo and other RPG's. I like the fact that 1) you don't leave the game screen 2) inventory selection is simple point and click. One click pops up a description of the item, a double click puts the inventory item in your hand. It's a good thing the interface is so well done, because you'll have at your disposal over 50 weapons and magical items spread throughout various stages of the game. The main point here is, the interface is logical and unobtrusive. The same can be said for the character movement controls, but I won't ramble more on this.

In Tomb Raiders, simply point your gun at your enemy, and sqeeze the trigger. The game automatically locks and tracks the target for you, so all you really need to be able to do is press the fire button and jump around. Snooze! Because Drakan consists of many hand-to-hand combat weapons (swords, maces, axes, etc), combat is not a trivial thing. You must learn to slash in combinations with jump, crouch, strafe, and roll. Some of the harder foes have shields, that they use well, so you'll have to learn various moves to take them out without getting yourself smote first. The combat action is far closer to a fighting game like Soul Blade then the mindless shooting in Tomb Raiders (Don't let me mislead you here, there are not near as many combos and fighting moves as you would find in Soul Blade).

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14-08-1999 • 12:05

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'k heb vorige week de demo ff bekeken... ziet er inderdaad errug veel belovend uit...

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