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Tomb Raider 4 preview

Gamespot UK heeft een grote preview van het 4e deel van Tomb Raider, "The Last Revelation" gepost. De game zal volledig afspelen in Egypte, en ook best leuk, je begint de game met een jonge 16-jarige Lara. Gih, kan achteraf toch best een spannende game worden

Anyway, hier heb je een stuk uit de preview, en wat plaatjes. De game staat gepland voor een release in november.

The game will also be graphically improved, which should inspire PC gamers, as the previous game was a bit behind the times for what the technology had to offer. Besides focusing on an environment Core does well with the series - tombs and such - a new technology is being used to ensure that seams won't appear 99.9 percent of the time, roughly. Lara will also have various sources of light such as flares, torches, and lanterns that she'll be able to pick up from her environment (such as off the walls), use, and then store away in her backpack. Enhancements to the graphics engine will make these changes more than cosmetic, according to Core, as Lara's torches and lights will let her interact with her world instead of just seeing it light up as she goes by.

Lara's moves will be improved upon as well. "We've reworked all of the moves and we've introduced the use of ropes, which is something we've wanted to do for a long time," said Smith. "We're giving Lara the ability to run, jump, and catch a rope. And then to traverse up and down a rope and then get momentum to swing on a rope opens up massive possibilities to us as to where we can go and how we can change the gameplay, if you can imagine." Core is also ditching the push/pull blocks. You won't see one. What you will find are skill-based puzzles and no frustration for the geographically challenged. "We don't [want] to confuse people by not letting them know where they've got to go, which happened sometimes in Tomb Raider III. The frustration was, 'I'm wandering around, where the hell do I go?' We don't want that. So then the skill is in the controlling of Lara to get her over there," said Smith. You'll also find pieces of maps along the way. These will help you solve puzzles as well as lead you to hidden or not-so-easy-to-find areas.


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Bron: GameSpot

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alweeeeeer tombraider........
Geeeeeuw .
Kom op he..geef die meid een kans. Eerst maar es kijken wat Drakan wordt.
16 jaar eh.
Moet je zeker maandverband verzamelen om jezelf te genezen MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Tomb Raider SUX (in more ways than one)
Been there, done that!
Had her !!
die you pathetic fools
cool spel man.Tomb blijft leuk. <img src= width=15 height=15>

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