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Bron: AGN Hardware

AGN Hardware heeft een review gescreven van de Desktop Theater 5.1 DTT2500 speakerset van Cambridge. Ze werden er erg vrolijk van, want ze geven hem 10 sterretjes, van de 10. Maar ja, mag ook wel want dit gebeuren kost $350!

One of the most impressive features of the system (and a good indication of their high quality) is the fact that Cambridge has preserved the use of real speaker wires and wire jacks in their Digital speaker line. This not only helps to preserve superior sound quality, but also helps to make the set more versatile. Cambridge and Creative want this system to be thought of as a replacement of your home sound system as well, and the use of real speaker wire means that you can easily extend the distance the speakers can go away from the control unit. The provided 3 and 5 meter wires should be long enough for any PC based installations. All of the included cables have an RCA cap on one end to easily interface with the amplifier.

As far as the speaker stands are concerned, the DTT2500 offers an improved design over the stands that came with the FPS 2000, but still fall a little short on the functionality side of the coin. The new stands do sit a bit higher, so they are better positioned for listening, but still do not stand high enough. The stands are more stable than their predecessors, but still have a fairly large footprint and take up a considerable amount of space. The cap at the top of the stand rotates, which is a vast improvement over the previous design. While you may actually get some use out of these newer stands, we still recommend the use of higher quality 3rd party stands.

The Amplifier Decoder also has additional inputs and outputs so that you can use the DTT2500 with your Dolby Digital sound sources as well as additional output sources. Simply connect your AC-3 or Dolby Digital sound source to the provided RCA S/PDIF connector on the back of the amplifier to enjoy Dolby Digital sound from your DTT2500. Sound not rich enough for you? Perhaps you feel you need more BASS to use the system in your living room instead of your PC. Cambridge has even included a jack for an additional subwoofer. They make incredibly high quality subwoofers (8", 10" and a whopping 15" units are available.

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Reacties (4)

Waar zou je dit koele speakersetje kunnen kopen? Je kan wel overal de gewone witte (slechtere) Desktop Theatre 5.1 krijgen, maar dat is flut... ik wil deze, dat roelt!
Misshcien lees ik niet goed, marre... wat is het verschil nu tussen de FPS 2000 en deze 5.1 walhalla speakers?
5 speakers + sub ipv 4 speaker + sub denk ik
Dit is zekers een beter setje! Deze set wordt vanaf half october in nederland verwacht en zal ongeveer 700 piekies gaan kosten. Ik heb hem al op mijn lijstje staan!

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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