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Socket 370 cooler comparision

Op BxBoards hebben ze een Socket 370 cooler comparision geplaatst.
Er worden 4 heatsinks en 3 Fans getest op een Abit BM6 mobo en een Celeron 466 die op 7 x 83 loopt.

Hier de intro:

Here I look at 4 of the most popular Socket 370 compatible cooling solutions in an effort to determine how well they work and whether the more expensive after-market coolers are necessary or just hype.

The heatsink lineup includes the Socket 370 version of the Alpha cooler and Global Win's newest FDP32. As well as the lower end Global Win CPM25603 and VDP-12 which could be considered equivalent to a retail type cooling setup.

The system is based on a 300W Enlight 7237 mid tower, the Abit BM6 motherboard with a Celeron 466 running 7 x 83 for 583mhz with 256meg of PC100 SDRAM.

Incidentally, the components which perform admirably for me on the 83mhz bus are;

Leadtek's S320 II-Ultra (AGP TNT2 Ultra set at 173 core and 205 mem)

Western Digital 18gig 7200RPM ATA66 HDD

Diamond Monster Sound MX300 (A3D PCI sound card)

Creative Encore 6X PC-DVD ROM with PCI Decoder

SOHOware 10/100 PCI Ethernet card

3COM/U.S. Robotics 56k ISA modem

The Microsoft USB IntelliMouse

Each cooler was used for at least 48 operating hours (so I could get a good feel for them) and the tests were conducted consecutively in a time rotation, 4 times on 4 different days with different temperature and climate conditions. The results to follow were from the warmest day of testing and therefore most accurately display how each cooler preformed.

I most definitely had times when the CPU failed due to overheating. Read on to find out which coolers didn't make the grade and under what circumstances.

Lees hier de rest.

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28-07-1999 • 14:15

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Bron: BXBoard

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