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Actua Soccer 3 review

Games Domain heeft een review van Actua Soccer 3. Hier wat stuff over de graphics, in vergelijking met Fifa99:

Those blessed with a good accelerator card will see the rain and fog in action (no snow showed up for me). The look doesn't quite keep pace with the rest of the visuals (check out the cheesy 'raindrops' in the picture below), but it does provide some of the hoped-for atmosphere.

The designers also included software-rendered, 3Dfx, and Direct3D support for just about every resolution under the sun. Both 16-and 32-bit color depth are also present and accounted for. And these modes aren't there just for show; they work very well. Running the game on my Riva TNT video card at 1024x768 in 32-bit color with all options maxed out has resulted in flawless performance. Everything is smooth and the image quality is sharp enough to cut your finger on. This all makes for a nice contrast with the ridiculously limited FIFA 99, which is stuck at 640x480 no matter what video adapter you're running. It's still hard for me to fathom why the EA Sports braintrust refused to accomodate the growing number of gamers with Voodoo2 SLI and Riva TNT cards, but at least the good lads at Gremlin demonstrated more sense.


Audio is okay, but little more than a half-baked EA Sports rip-off. The title song, a well-chewed wad of bubblegum pop called "Let Me Entertain You," makes me long for the chart-climbing tunes that have become part of the FIFA mystique. Hey, I'm no Chumbawamba fan either, but if I had to choose between that "I get knocked down" track and this one (and there wasn't a handgun in sight), I'd take the former every time. Play-by-play is sparse, with few specific lines that add anything to the proceedings. The duties are once more handled by Barry Davies. He's no John Motson, but he's friendly and familiar to series veterans. Playing an Actua Sports game without hearing his dulcet tones would be like drinking near-beer on New Year's Eve. Gameplay effects and crowd noise sounded good when I first installed the game using my old Sound Blaster 16, but I then lost these sounds after changing over to a Diamond Sonic Impact PCI card. Turning off DirectSound 3D acceleration fixed the problem.

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