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Tiberian Sun preview

Gamer's Alliance Strategy heeft een preview gebakken van Westwood's Command & Conquer 2: Tiberian Sun. Tja, wat valt er eigenlijk nog te zeggen, "...release die game nou eens Westwood!!!"

Anyway, dit is een van de betere previews, lees hem hier!

In addition to the environment deformations, the game makes use of a very intricate 3D physics engine, creating several other environmental effects and making the game even more enjoyable and realistic. Occasionally you'll fall victim to meteor showers, which can destroy your base, but replenish the supply of Tiberium. Walk a lone infantry unit out onto the middle of a frozen lake, and there's a slight chance he'll break through the ice. Wait for a waterfall to freeze so you can climb up and over it, surprising your opponents. Bounce your grenades off hills, around corners, etc. Start a raging forest fire, engulfing the enemy base. Winds carry poison gas clouds, and, to add an element of randomness to the game, there's also lethal Ion Storms, which are similar to the old Ion Cannon blasts in the original Command and Conquer. These Ion Storms randomly appear at different places on the map, paralyzing all the units nearby. The harsh effects of the volatile Tiberium are reproduced perfectly in the game, and add a great new element of chance to Tiberian Sun.

The environments are great, but what environment would be complete without day and night? Tiberian Sun includes full support for the rotation of our humble planet. At night, lines-of-sight for the various units are significantly truncated, providing for some amazing strategies. Wait for nightfall to sneak in that pack of engineers, or go during the day, but provide a distraction? The possibilities are limitless - this is strategy at its finest.

[break]Overigens, Avault heeft ook een update over deze game. Dit zeggen ze over de release date:[/break]

During a recent visit to Westwood Studios' development offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Adrenaline Vault was able to glance at the upcoming Tiberian Sun and discuss the title with its creators. First, a late August release date is set in stone; this can definitely be considered fact.

[break]En als laatste, Next-Generation Online heeft meer goed nieuws:[/break]

One of the best selling PC series of all time may finally have its sequel soon. Command & Conquer 2: Tiberian Sun, over a year late, is likely to hit the shelves next month.

A source close to Westwood Studios tells NGO that the game is almost completely finished and ready to go to production, meaning gamers are most likely to have the title in their hands next month.

In addition, our source indicates that Westwood will have a massive launch event in New York City in Time's Square to celebrate the release.

We will give you more information as soon as it's available.

Zou het echt zo zijn? Volgende maand? Fingers crossed...

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Reacties (2)

Wijzig sortering
Nou, WW stelt dit spel nu al een jaar uit, maar volgens mij gaat het VET tegenvallen (ik ben wel een RA fan).

Volgens mij zijn de graphics erg ouderwets (geen 32-bit), denk ik, maar ik hoop het beste....

Zal hem toch zowiezo kopen..

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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