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Unreal: Return to Na Pali review & bug report

Planet Unreal heeft een 4 pagina's dikke Unreal: Return to Na Pali feature gepost. De 4 delen bespreken de multiplayer gametypes, multiplayer levels, system requirements en single player gameplay. Over dat laatste onderdeel een quote:

The single player portion of Na Pali was done extremely well. There's a proper opening and closing with around 10-15 hours of gameplay between the two. Both indoor and outdoor maps are present and very well done. Legend has definitely proven their level designers, by tweaking maps that never made it into Unreal and adding their own slew of environments to explore and conquer.

The game is inhabited by original Unreal creatures, as well as three new additions. There are various sizes of spiders, extremely deadly space marines, and my personal favorite, the pack hunters. Pack hunters group in packs of 5-7 and come at you very quickly. They'll often come at you from a few directions at once and give you a real rush. With the exception of the spiders, I thought the new monsters were not used anywhere near enough. I fought 5-10 space marines in a quick five minute battle. That was it for the entire game! [break]Planet Unreal heeft massa's screenshots. Check ze hier.

Verder blijkt er een bug in de server zachtwaar van Na Pali te zitten:[/break] 2)Next I set up a server to try it out and noticed the rockets don't explode upon impact! [break]En het antwoord van Jess "Zarniwoop" Crable van Legend:[/break] Bug #2- This is indeed a bug, and we (Legend) will fix this soon. The Mission Pack is currently using version 224v of Unreal. When the next Unreal patch is available, we will be releasing our own version of that Unreal update, which will include the normal fixes/updates from Epic as well as fixes for minor Mission Pack specific issues. That's the plan for now- some things might change slightly, but any issues like this that pop up will certainly be addressed!

Just to clarify: the lack of visible rocket explosions only occurs when playing (multiplayer) from a server that you are running. Clients or people playing in singleplayer mode won't run into this problem.

Voor het complete verhaal moet je ff richting deze thread op het forum van GT Interactive fietsen.



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