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Sony Playstation II details

IGN.PSX heeft op de Sony Developers Conference in San Mateo een berg sappige info over de PSX2 geoogst. Check it:

"Overall, I was really impressed with what Sony showed, and the conference overall," said the source. "I think that development for the next generation PlayStation is going to have steep learning curves. The first games will be difficult, they may be odd. Overall, it's easier to develop for the Dreamcast than the PlayStation 2.

"Having said that, there are things you can do on the PlayStation 2 you can't do on the Dreamcast. You have access to a raw, deeper rendering pipeline on PS2 than in Dreamcast. Real tessellation can't be done on Dreamcast. Bezier Curves are going to be awesome. And you have the raw access to create transformations and morphs unlike that on the Dreamcast. You will have the transformation code.

"I was most impressed with the sheer power and the sheer flexibility of that power. Unlike what's been said by another developer [who said the PlayStation 2 had the worst development qualities of both the Saturn and the Nintendo 64], I don't think the N64 enters into it at all. There's nothing bad like the N64 on this system. There are multiple processors, and those who've developed for the Saturn may have a headstart on others. Overall, leveraging the power of the system is most important, that was a big point.

"I guess the lack of Ram worries me a little. There are 32 megabytes of main RAM, and 4 megabytes of VRAM. Folks on the PC might have difficulty with this. There may not be enough. Yeah, it's kind of skimpy."

"A couple of interesting side notes caught my attention. You can use the R3000 on the PS (the main chip on the PlayStation that will appear on the PlayStation 2 as the I/O processor) as an additional general-purpose processor. Now it's called the R3300 on PS2. Also, the system didn't appear in a final shell. It's still a desktop PC case unit, no shell was demonstrated. The PS2 shell was supposed to appear at E3 at the top of the pyramid in its booth, but a few days before the show Sony decided to take it down."

Moeten wij PC gebruikers nu massaal in onze broekjes plassen!?



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