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De kerstman heeft ook zo z'n verhaaltje over MS

De kerstman heeft ook zo z'n zegje over afstappen van de oude standaarden, en radicaal overstappen.

Toss Out Legacy Code Am I crazy, or is backwards compatibility leaving Microsoft in a morass of legacy code? Wouldn't it be wiser for Microsoft to say that come the end of x86 architecture chips, the ISA bus, serial ports, etc., Windows will no longer be backwards compatible with prior Windows software. This would cut out untold of lines of code, get rid of bugs that its programmers are afraid to touch, and free up an immense amount of resources and performance. "But what about all the apps that our IT has invested in already?" some might say. Well as far as I can remember, most transitions from 3.11 to 95/NT were accompanied by transitions to new apps that would only work on that OS (Office 95/97). And of course the new OS and its apps could easily be fitted with filters to import files from those previous apps. What would be lost? A few apps that people cling on to maybe. In this case, they could probably get by with an old machine that is dedicated to that task similar to the way many offices set aside a machine solely for DOS apps. Or perhaps with the speed of today's computers, a virtual machine for running older apps might be feasible. Brian Wilcox -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12.23.98 17:21 The Saint Responds: Microsoft doesn't want to free up resources, or performance, or dramatically reduce the complexity of programming to its OS. That would be equivalent to hitting the reset button on its market share, developer community, application base, and years of field tested code. If you think Windows is buggy now, imagine what it would be like if Microsoft tried to reconstruct it again from scratch. Imagine further what all the drivers and applications would look like if all the developers out there had to redevelop them under a new paradigm and re-test everything. The closest Microsoft can come to doing that is Windows CE, which it couldn't sell to anybody for the 100 dollars a pop it gets for a giant, bloated OS. A virtual machine can't solve a large body of problems associated with timing and hardware synchronization. Basically starting fresh isn't in Microsoft's best interests as the people there see it, and it's a very difficult transition to pull off.

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31-12-1998 • 08:39

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Wijzig sortering
zo, de kerstman heeft visie!, wat goed ;)

(oops het is al heel oud en stoffig ;))

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