Nieuwe Philips DVD+RW en CD-RW drives

Cor & kornuiten hebben vandaag twee nieuwe DVD+RW en CD-RW drives aangekondigd. Hier heb je de press releases:

Philips Consumer Electronics, a worldwide leader in optical storage, introduced today its first DVD+RW 3.0 GB data storage drive. The new drive offers PC users an irresistible combination of high storage capacity equal to the data capacity of five CD- ROM discs, fast access to stored data, and the ability to read CD-ROM, CD-Recordable (CD- R), CD-ReWriteable (CD-RW), and DVD-ROM media. The Philips DVD+RW drive will be available in September 1999 at a suggested retail price of $699. The drive is on display at Philips' booth #4210, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, June 22-24.

``As users accumulate more and more data on their PC from the Internet, digital cameras and other multimedia-rich sources, they need increased storage capacity, faster file access and the flexibility to share their data with others. With the Philips DVD+RW 3.0GD drive, users will find such a solution,'' said Bill Taylor, Vice President/General Manager, Imaging, Storage and Multimedia Products. ``DVD+RW represents a natural evolution of proven CD technology, providing the best backward retrieving capability for information stored on CD media because DVD+RW drives can read CD-ROM, CD-R or CD-RW discs.''

The new DVD+RW 3.0 GB drive has the equivalent data capacity of five CD- ROM discs, which is sufficient for 80 minutes of high-quality MPEG-2 video, 4 hours of uncompressed CD-quality audio or up to 9,000 high-resolution megapixel digital images on a single disc. This huge capacity makes DVD+RW ideal for storing and distributing large volumes of rich, multimedia information, including presentations, video-mail, and digital photos. DVD+RW is the perfect format for data interchange applications where end-users need to transport and have easy access to their data in the office, at home or away. Unlike tape-based storage media, DVD+RW discs offer random, high-speed access to all stored data, making it an optimal choice for data archiving and back-up applications. Further increasing speed and convenience, DVD+RW reads and writes data up to 11 times faster than CD media.

The Philips DVD+RW 3.0 GB drive will be supplied as a complete package containing everything that is needed for quick and easy installation and use. This includes the DVD+RW drive itself, an accessories set, a blank DVD+RW disc, and applicable drivers and applications software.

The DVD+RW format has been developed and supported by a group of six leading companies in the rewriteable data storage industry, to ensure broad- based market acceptance. As well as Philips, this group includes Hewlett- Packard Company, Sony Corporation, Ricoh Company, Ltd., Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, and Yamaha Corporation. [break]En de press release van de nieuwe CDRW400 4-speed CD-Rewriter:[/break] Philips Electronics, the co- developer of the CD and a world leader in the manufacturing of CD-RWs, today added breadth to its CDRW400 series with the addition of three new CD-RW drives. The CDRW400 series now includes two new external CD-RW drives -- a USB-compatible drive (the PCRW 464K) and a PCMCIA-compatible drive (the PCRW 463K) -- and a new high-performance internal drive, the PCRW404K. Each CD-RW drive offers consumers 4x write and 4x rewrite speed for faster data storage; the PCRW 404K offers up to 32x CD-ROM speed. All drives offer Philips' exclusive Write2CD recording software with one-button recording and advanced features not offered in standard CD-RW kits. With these latest CD-RW drives, Philips expands its position in the CD-RW market by offering faster drives that accommodate a variety of users. All three new drives, as well as the other CDRW 400 Series drives, are on display at Philips' booth #4210, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, June 22-24.

``Each of Philips' new 400 Series CD-RW drives is designed to appeal to a variety of computer users with different lifestyles,'' said Bill Taylor, Vice President/General Manager, Imaging, Storage and Multimedia Products, Philips Electronics. ``By developing CD-RW drives that incorporate PCMCIA, USB, and IDE interface connections, we are making optical storage an attractive option for everyone, regardless of the type of computer you use. Optical storage is the most versatile and reliable method of archiving, backing-up, and exchanging information. As speed increases, we will see the CD replace the floppy disk as the de facto standard for data storage.''

4x Write and ReWrite Speed

Among the fastest on the market, each of the new CD-RW 400 series drives -- the PCRW 464K , PCRW 463K , and PCRW404K -- features 4x write/rewrite speed for fast storage as well as Philips' user-friendly software. These CD-RW drives allow users to record and re-record Internet content or hard drive data at up to 600 kb/second. For smooth high-speed data transfer and writing, the Philips drives utilize a 2MB buffer to reduce buffer underruns and increase recording reliability. With the ease-of-use, versatility, and storage capacity that these Philips drives offer, the Compact Disc will become the medium of choice for data storage and archiving.

- PCRW 464K External drive with USB For computers with Universal Serial Bus (USB) connections, Philips offers the USB-compatible PCRW464K. The plug-and-play simplicity of the PCRW464K makes adding optical data storage an attractive upgrade for computer users of all types. This external CD-RW drive will appeal to people constantly on the road or moving from location to location. The versatility of USB connectivity allows the PCRW464K to work with any IBM-type desktop computer with a USB connection. In addition to its 4x write and rewrite speed, the PCRW464K offers up to 6x read speed for easy access to CD-ROM.

- PCRW 463K External drive with PCMCIA Featuring PCMCIA connectivity for use with laptops, the PCRW463K is specially designed for the mobile computer user. In addition to its fast 4x write/rewrite speed, the PCRW463K reads CD-ROMs at 16x speed, for quick access to CD files. The drive's reduced size (5.25`` at half-height) and light weight (approximately 2 pounds) makes it easy to bring optical storage capability on the road, adding value to laptop computing. Using the PCRW463K, business travellers can save large data files such as Powerpoint presentations and share information on CD while en route to client meetings or while working offsite.

- PCRW 404K Internal drive

The internal PCRW 404K utilizes an IDE/ATAPI interface for direct connection to the motherboard of almost any Pentium(TM) PC. The fastest of the 400 series drives, the PCRW 404K reads CD-ROMs at a blazing 32x speed and writes and rewrites at 4x speed, making the easy to use ``Write2CD'' software even more robust. Designed for serious desktop computer use, the PCRW404K offers both speedy data storage and retrieval.

Philips Write2CD® Software

Optical storage is the easiest and most reliable method for saving and exchanging large files, and with Philips' user-friendly software package bundled with each drive, saving data is even easier. Powered by a CeQuadrant recording engine, the Philips-designed user interface allows users to intuitively write and rewrite multimedia files, backup or archive valuable data, and save presentations with simple ``drag and drop'' actions. A ``self- launching'' feature, which automatically activates the CD recording options menu, enables the computer to recognize blank media inserted into the CD-RW drive. To reduce CD-RW formatting time, the CD-RW drives offer a 15-second fast format option. Once discs are recognized by the drive, users can copy data one file at a time (TAO), one disc at a time (DAO), or through a multi- session. For maximum data storage, a data compression feature allows storage of more than 1 Gb on a single CD.

Eye-Catching Design

With their unique and elegant design, Philips' CD-RW drives stand out from the competition. The drives use a dark color scheme to match the look of most desktops, notebooks, and other portable products. The tray and eject buttons have metallic finishes, adding a touch of sophistication and exclusivity to the products.


The CD-RW 400 Series drives use both write-once CD-Recordable (CD-R) and CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) media to store data. The CD-ReWritable discs created with Philips CD-RW drives are compatible with 'multiread' CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives. Many new CD-audio players are now available with multiread capability, further enhancing the value of rewritable CDs. Both CD-R and CD- RW media store up to 650 Mb or 1.3 Gb, respectively, using Philips' data compression software.

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Kun je met die DVD-RW ook gewone CD's branden ?? Kan dat trouwens ook met die DVD brander van HP ??
Lijkt me wel kewl, 3 gb op een schijfje <img src= width=15 height=15> !!
Cor is er toch niet meer?
Roel is weg, Cor zit er nog (toch?).
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