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Bron: Business Wire

Adaptec heeft vandaag de USBconnect aangekondigd, een USB-to-SCSI convertor waarmee je SCSI apparaten aan de USB poort kunt hangen:

Adaptec Inc. has announced a USB-to-SCSI adapter, the USBConnect, that allows users to connect SCSI devices to a USB port. The USBConnect converter is targeted primarily at new iMac users who prefer to use high performance SCSI devices.

SCSI peripherals such as scanners, external CD-ROM, Jaz and hard drives, are widely available for all desktop computers. By deploying USBConnect, users can continue to use their existing or newly purchased SCSI devices on any USB-equipped computer including all USB-enabled Macintosh platforms, PCs and portables.

USBConnect is integrated with a one-meter connector cable which plugs into the USB port and does not require opening up the computer's case. USBConnect 2000 recognizes devices on the fly, so there's no need for time-consuming restarts. The converter is lightweight, portable, and easy to switch from one setup of peripherals to another.

Pricing and Availability

USBConnect will be available through resellers, retailers and catalogs, and adaptec's Online Store in August. It is sold as a kit that includes the USBConnect, a user's guide, and a setup CD-ROM. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $69.95.

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Reacties (5)

geinig enm niet echt duur
maar hoe zit het met de snelheid en de stabiliteit van bijv. CD-R's.
Dus ik kan nu 127 SCSI drives op mijn USB aansluiten?
USB was geloof ik iets van 12Mbit/s, dus nogal traag (1,5MB/s).
hmm, zag er zeker leuk uit, totdat ik de site van adaptec een even heb bekeken...

uit de faq:
The USBConnect will only work with SCSI devices that provide term power. One such device that doesn't is the Iomega Zip. In order for the USBConnect to work with the Zip, the Zip must be attached with another SCSI device that does provide the term power.<img src= width=15 height=15>


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