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Tombraider III review

Sharky Extreme heeft een review van Tombraider III.

Dit keer geen goedkope grappen over Lara's hervormde voorgevel. Nee, hier wat info over waarom het leuk is om rond te wandelen met Lara:

Control - maybe it's fun to have an out-of-your-league woman at your fingertips. The virtual girlfriend games and those remarkably lifelike mannequins (complete with made-to-order body parts) could lead one to think that real girlfriends are on the way out. Lara doesn't want you to go shopping or take out the trash. You don't have to guess why she is upset, she doesn't want to 'talk' and she will never tell you to stop playing with your damn computer. She is also disease free.

Roll Model - These games are very popular with girls/women. Imagine being an avid gamer. Now imagine being female. Now realize that, until Lara came along, you have probably never played a game where the central character was strong, intelligent and had the same plumbing that you have (Ms. Pac Man does NOT count!).

Cross Dressing - OK so this is a stretch, but why not? Women can wear men's clothes and nobody gives a hoot but have a fellow slide on a pair of lacy panties and you'd think the world was coming to an end!

Protection - Lara kind of grows on you. After several hours of play, when you get her moving pretty well and she no longer looks like an idiot, you get a little protective and don't really want to watch her get beaned by some thug with a spiked 2 x 4.

Door Femme Taken


23-12-1998 • 04:03

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