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3DLabs Permedia 3 press release

Hmm... het lijkt erop dat de Permedia 3 er nu echt gaat komen. 3DLabs in ieder geval al een press release gepost waarin gezegd wordt dat het ding op pre-order besteld kan worden:

Dlabs, Inc. today announced it is manufacturing and selling the Permedia3 Create! graphics accelerator card developed for web designers and creative professionals. This card is based on the new-generation Permedia3 processor, is now available for pre-purchase online with product shipment commencing in June. With an MSRP of $289, US-based customers may initially purchase Permedia3 Create! exclusively online at for an introductory price of $229. Permedia3 Create! will also be available through local distribution in other geographies, including Europe and Asia.

Answering the specific needs of web design and creative professionals, Permedia3 Create! is a 32MB AGP graphics accelerator that delivers advanced OpenGL 1.2 and DirectX 6.1 performance, provides sophisticated Virtual Texturing capabilities and is optimized for crystal- clear 32-bit displays at resolutions up to 2048x1536.

The advanced 3Dlabs control panel allows point-and-click configuration of Permedia3 Create! to achieve high levels of productivity across numerous applications, including popular web and authoring software such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, Caligari trueSpace and Adobe Photoshop.

Permedia3 Create! is bundled with $100 worth of software to provide additional productivity for creative and web professionals, including Sonnetech Colorific for accurate display and printing color calibration and Cyberlink's full-feature PowerDVD player that leverages Permedia3's sophisticated video processing. Additional bundled software includes the CosmoPlayer VRML 2.0 player, other popular web plug-ins and evaluation copies of the Macromedia Product Suite, Caligari trueSpace and Haptek Virtual Friend.

The Permedia3 processor used on Permedia3 Create! delivers true 128-bit 2D and 3D performance and advanced OpenGL 1.2 and DirectX 6.1 rendering, including single pass bump-mapping and triple texture blending in a single cycle. The high-performance OpenGL and Direct3D drivers incorporate Pentium III and 3Dnow! optimizations for maximum graphics throughput. Permedia3 Create! ships with 2D and 3D drivers for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95/98 and is Windows 2000 ready.

The Permedia3 processor contains a full demand-paged virtual texture sub-system in hardware, enabling the use of on-board graphics memory as a cache for up to 256MB of textures stored in main system memory. Virtual Texturing works transparently with all OpenGL and Direct3D applications, and, when coupled with the Permedia3 triple-blend texture core and single-pass bump mapping, provides high levels of realism and interaction for authoring, productivity and game applications.

Permedia3 Create! delivers a fill-rate of 220 Mtexels/sec with dual bilinear mip-mapped textures and 110 Mpixels/sec with full per-pixel tri-linear mip-mapping. Permedia3 Create!'s highly optimized graphics pipeline can accept and setup up to 11 million polygons per second.



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