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Brian Hook .plan update

Brian Hook heeft z'n .plan weer eens ge-update. Deze gaat over de mailtjes die hij krijgt naar aan leiding van z'n Q3Test benchmarks. De info is niet echt nuttig, maar wel grappig:

I made an amusing observation today. In general, much of my benchmark related e-mail can be summed up into the following template:

"Dear Brian,

[My favorite video card lost] and I noticed that [you were emphasizing things that my favorite video card isn't very good at] and I think to be fair you should [emphasize the things that my favorite video card does really well and that its competitors' do not]. It's obvious that you have a bias otherwise. Please stop [bashing my favorite video card by posting scores that make it look bad] and try to be fair in the future since [some threat I'm supposed to care about].


Rabid Fan of [Favorite Video Card]"

Three (fictitious) examples would be:


I checked out your latest scores, and I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed. The S3 Savage4 completely kicked the crap out of the competition at lower resolutions, but for some reason you put in these completely bogus 1280x1024 numbers, as if anyone cares. In the future try sticking with realistic tests, not this contrived crap that no one cares about. I used to really respect your benchmarks, but it's obvious that you're just trying to sell more video cards and getting sloppy with your coding."

or, on the flip side:

"Hey Brian,

Man, the G400 MAX OWN3Z!!!! YEAH! I'm surprised you didn't emphasize its performance at 1280x1024, since it completely r0x0r3d the TNT (HAHA) at that res. I mean, seriously, who plays at 640x480?! NO ONE DUDE. If you think people still play at 640x480, you are SERIOUSLY out of touch with people. My brother and clan mates ALL play at 1024x768 (on G200, MATROX RUL3Z!), and we can't remember the last person we saw play at 640. You need to ditch those 640 numbers cos they're misleading people into getting some L4M3R board like a TNT2. D3wd, it's almost the new millenium (heh, get it?), isn't it time to get away from 640?!"

and finally, the obligatory 3Dfx fanatic:

"Dumbas--I mean, Brian,

When will you get your head out your ass? NO ONE CARES ABOUT 32-BIT!! It's stupid to list the numbers, 16-bit looks the same (and V3 has 22-bit, you should know this), and V3 OWNS TNT2. WHO CARES about 1280x1024?! EVERYONE plays at 1024, and you didn't even test that, what kind of dumb crap is THAT?! Man, I can't believe you're even allowed to type code at id if you think people care about 32-bit or 1280x1024. Do us a favor, and get a 3500 and test it THEN post results, because until you do you're not doing anyone any favors by posting MISLEADING information."

I've got TNT2 Ultra numbers up using pre-production drivers on the Celeron 400. Will have TNT2 Ultra numbers up for the PIII/500 once we get those done:

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25-05-1999 • 15:35

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Bron: Brian Hook .plan

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