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Hercules Dynamite TNT review

Graig van Sharky Extreme heeft als een van de eersten een review van Hercules' TNT plank.

Hier wat handy info over de performance en overklokbaarheid van het ding:

The meat of any video card review, and the reason you've been patiently reading the superfluous text until now, it's time to finally get around to the Dynamite TNT's performance level.

Much like the other TNT cards we've tested this year (all of which had a default core clock speed of 90MHz) the Dynamite TNT fell squarely in the 1 to 2% range of variance that the others previously have. We never fault consistency, and the Riva TNT continues to show a level of performance parity that only the Intel 440BX-based mainboards on the market duplicate. It literally turns in benchmarks that are dead nuts even from board to board, regardless of the vendor.

Where the Dynamite TNT really stood out from the crowd during our testing though was in the sacred land of extreme overclocking.

By using Powerstrip (a fine utility that can be downloaded from SE's fantastic files section) we manipulated and tested the Dynamite TNT at various settings and gauged its effectiveness at those settings. With a nicely placed cooling fan mounted on it by Hercules as a stock feature, we felt that the Dynamite's TNT chip might be a little better at handling the brutality that makes overclocking anything so much fun. Hercules' own Dynamite specific press release hints at this by mentioning the high-TNT yields in a roundabout way:

Differing from existing RIVA TNT products, Hercules Dynamite TNT is based upon NVIDIA's most recent design specifications with proprietary design enhancements for additional stability and compatibility.

The proof is in the pudding, and after running the Dynamite TNT for extended periods at a very overclocked 115MHz core speed and a 125MHz memory clock speed, we can report that amazingly we saw no failures, no artifacts, no strange occurrences, nothing in fact but higher frame rates.

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03-12-1998 • 21:21

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