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Bron: Adrenaline Vault

AVault heeft een review gepost van Beyond the Call of Duty, een stand alone mission pack voor Commandos. Hier heb je een stuk:

On the surface, BtCoD seems nearly identical to the original, but a closer, more critical look reveals significant changes. These changes are often so subtle that many gamers, including veterans of the series, may not notice their impact right away. Graphically, the game has undergone a fabulous facelift, adding in sharper and more detailed textures and, at the same time, improving performance. Colors and textures have an even larger impact this time, and the artwork overall is a masterpiece. Pyro Studios has some of the best artists in the business. The buildings, structures, vehicles and characters are wonderfully animated and meticulously detailed.

Other enhancements include the aforementioned new abilities for each of the commandos. One of the best things about the original game was how each member of the squad worked off the others, requiring the player to use each member in specific circumstances. The negative aspect of this system was that only certain commandos could do basic tasks, such as distract enemies, and it made the game somewhat illogical. Having to maneuver one of your agents halfway across a map just to distract a guard is one of the annoyances that has been fixed in BtCoD. Each commando is now armed with throwing rocks they can use to divert an enemy's attention. They can also pick up cigarettes, a wonderful new addition. Rather than a diversion like the rocks, placing a burning bud on the ground can accomplish a number of things, including slowing an enemy's route and setting him up for ambush.

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ik ben op zoek naar tips voor de eerste versie. Hebben jullie een adres waar ik terecht kan voor tips/cheat codes?

Bedankt voor de moeite

René van Hoenselaar
You most look on:
Under PC CHEATS press the C
At the bottom press NEXT 14 GAMES and then "Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines" this is underline.
Je moet kijken bij staan alle codes voor elk spel!

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