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K6-2 overgeklokt naar 500Mhz

CPU Site (hebben ook een Nederlands deel, maar is erg lame naar mijn mening) heeft een artikel over een naar 500Mhz overgeklokte K6-2. Het koelsysteempje ziet er vrij heftig uit.

A few days ago it got really hot so I went out and bought a new airconditioner for my house [5500 btu]. I had already had my system overclocked at 4.5x100 at 2.2v, and for a while that was great. The next day I was siiting in front of my airco and thought: "I wish I could get my k6-2 400 cxt core a little bit more overclocked". I knew I couldn't just open my case up and pull my airco out of the wall and set it blowing in my case, so I intergrated them into one, Well sorta. I went to the hardware store and found dryer ducting hose, the vinal kind at 3" . I taped one end to part of my airco and the other I pushed through a hole I'd cut, into my case[atx] blowing on the cpu.

Shaazam !!!!!!! A 55f case temp in 80f degree weather plus my case is completely closed up to keep the cold air in. I spent the next 15 mins trying to o/c the chip more, and I ended up with a stable system at 5.0x100 2.5v. But I really needed the cold air to keep it stable or it gets little Qurky. I keep my case temperatures no higher than 70 f. using a 10 $ T FROM RADIO SHACK. Well thats it... Oh and I have free electricity at my complex so that's good luck. I do have a few picts but waiting for them to develop.

Check de info op CPU Site.

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01-05-1999 • 06:10

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Bron: CPU Site

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