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Mikroschoft pist op Java

The Register heeft de completer tekst van Bill's getuigenis van gisteren online gezet.
Er zitten best wel sappige stukjes tussen, bijvoorbeelde deze:

Boies: Let me show you a document that has been previously marked as Government Exhibit 253. In the middle of the first page there is a message dated May 14, 1997, from Ben Slivka to you and others. Did you receive this email on or about May 14, 1997?

Gates: I'm not sure. But I have no reason to doubt that I did.

Boies: When Mr. Slivka writes as he does in the second paragraph, "This summer we're going to totally divorce Sun," do you know what he's referring to?

Gates: I'm not sure.

Boies: Did you ever ask him what he was referring to?

Gates: No.

Boies: In the next to last, or in the last sentence, actually, in the last sentence of the second paragraph, Mr. Slivka writes that "JDK 1.2 has JFC." And is the JFC there the Java Foundation Classes that you referred to earlier?

Gates: It's one of the many JFCs.

Boies: What is one of the many JFCs?

Gates: The one in JDK 1.2.

Boies: Is the JFC in JDK 1.2 part of what was described as a major threat to Microsoft?

Gates: I have no idea which JFC that sentence written by somebody other than me referred to.

Boies: Well, the sentence written by somebody other than you was written to you; right, sir?

Gates: It was sent to me.

Boies: Yes. And it was sent to you by one of your chief, one of your top executives; correct, sir?

Gates: In an email.

Boies: Yes. And that's a frequent way that your top executives communicate with you; correct, sir?

Gates: Yes.

Boies: Now, Mr. Slivka here says that Microsoft is going to be saying uncomplimentary things about JDK 1.2 at every opportunity. Do you see that?

Gates: Where's that?

Boies: That is, "JDK 1.2 has JFC, which we're going to be pissing on at every opportunity."

Gates: I don't know if he's referring to pissing on JFC or pissing on JDK 1.2 nor do I know is what he specifically means by "pissing on."

Boies: Well, do you know that generally he means by pissing on he's going to be saying and Microsoft is going to be saying uncomplimentary things.

Gates: He might mean that we're going to be clear that we're not involved with it, that we think there's a better approach.

Boies: Well, as you understand it, when Mr. Slivka says he's going to be pissing on JDK 1.2, as you seem to interpret it, at every opportunity, do you interpret that as meaning that Microsoft is going to be saying uncomplimentary things about JDK 1.2?

Gates: I told you I don't know whether pissing applies to JFC or JDK.

Boies: Well, he's going to be pissing on or Microsoft is going to be pissing on either JDK 1.2 or JFC or both according to Mr. Slivka. Is that at least fair?

Gates: That's appears to be what the sentence says.

Boies: Yeah. And as the chief executive officer of Microsoft, when you get these kind of e-mails, would it be fair for me to assume that "pissing on" is not some code word that means saying nice things about you, that has the usual meaning that it would in the vernacular? Gates: I don't know what you mean in this kind of email.

Boies: The kind of email that is sent to you by executives in the course of your business, Mr. Gates.

Gates: So all emails I get? Ben Slivka's not an executive.

Boies: All the emails you get from people telling you that they're going to piss on competitive products, that's what I'm talking about.

Gates: I don't remember mail like that. it looks like I got one. But believe me, it's not a term that's commonly used.

Boies: But you have no reason to think that he means it in any way other than the normal meaning of that term, do you, sir?

Gates: I think it's a term of multiple meanings. In this case I think it means what you've suggested it means.

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