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Bron: MacOS Rumors

Mikroschoft en Apple gaan samenwerken, om zo de 'monopoliepositie' van Be te gaan verminderen. Hoe kan MS anders software met bugs verkopen, al BeOS veel sneller is en bugfree?

Today, in a secret location deep beneath the Rocky Mountains, Apple Computer and Microsoft Corp. signed a historic agreement binding their two organizations into what could be a world-changing pact. Apparently, the agreement indicates that Apple and Microsoft will ally to fight the dreaded Be monopoly. For years, Be has marauded the industry with its superiority complex and tendency to multithread everything in its path. "Our preemptive multitasking and protected memory are superior to all others...." Be Inc. CEO Jean-Louis Gassee said in a press conference shortly after the news broke; " bring it on!" Sun, AOL, and IBM also signed agreements with the Alliance, which expects to begin attacks on Menlo Park, CA this evening. G-4 Sawtooth and other Apple forces employing UniNorth armaments are joining forces with Sun SPARC Enterprise heavy assault units and Microsoft "embrace, extend, and extinguish" teams to attempt a quick and -- hopefully bloodless -- "Decimation of the enemy's ability to produce these dangerous operating systems," according to Microsoft Grand Admiral Steve Ballmer. Apple's Interim Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Steve Jobs added "these Apple-wannabes have been talking up their "microkernels" long enough. It's about time we opened up a can of nanokernel whoop[expletive] on their [expletive]."

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